Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday - Havent Even Started

Case of the Monday's? Naw man, people get there cuss kicked for saying things like that!
That's how this day and week started, with the realization of the real world and how it really impacts my training.
After surviving the school day, which was meetings all day for an in-service (give me the kids any day over meetings), I had some work to do. Greg gave me a great quote from someone who knows their cuss about running, "every run should serve a purpose," and today's runs did just that. The only positive things about the in-service day was that I had an hour lunch break. I ducked out and squeezed in a mid afternoon 5 on the Bellows Falls High School trails. This was perfect and loosened up my tendinitis for my afternoon run. Got a great stretch in during the meeting when I got back, and felt good about the school day.
Fyffe and I planned on meeting in West West to run some trails and chill. During the day I talked Greg (more just asked him to run) into joining us to make three. Greg and Fyffe ran a great workout Saturday, then a long one with George at his house, so they were gnarly to join me on the trails after a Monday.
It was obvious to me early that I felt better than expected, and it was confirmed when I ran the hill well, as notes by Fyffe and Greg. I will say, the only reason the effort was the way it was bc every time I looked back Fyffe was right behind, making me feel like I was running too slow, haha. Cuss happens and it felt good to know that I felt good. We rolled the tricky terrain well with average to above average effort. Monday started the week well, 15 in the books.

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