Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday - Hallowed Be Thy Name

The sands of time, for me, are running low...
Well, the marathon is coming quick and there are so many other things in between I'm trying to hit; like workouts.
I'm over the whole marathon, I'll be in the shape I'm in and I'm happy about where it's going.
One step that made me happy is today's workout. I ran a 5 mile warm up with Larry Sayers and Heidi Westerling-Over and had in my my mind either 3 or 5 by mile on the track. 3 if my times were faster, 5 if I'm closer to 5:20's.
The first lap of the first mile was slow, but felt good. I came through half at 2:35 and just kept clipping along fast and relaxed. Ended the first mile with a 5:04. Felt good and comfortable, which meant that 3 miles was probably a good decision. Mile 2 was fine, tried to run the same effort, and did notice that I fell into a rhythm of feeling fast and relaxed. 4:57. Third mile, the same plan was in place, but went weird. I was taking about 2 min recovery for 400m, so when I came around the first lap of my first mile I was hoping to see 73-74 seconds. Instead I saw 3:13?! Cuss, I didn't hit my split, cuss and cuss. So, I hit the split and kept in rolling. I wanted to see times and not have to speculate, so I ran 5 laps at the same effort, but my recorded four laps were a 4:52... Cool. 2000m at that pace felt ok.
Good workout, felt good. Fyffe says it best, "I thrive in no man's land..." and I feel, so do I.
12 mile workout day, nifty.

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