Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday - Perfection is Perfected

It was nothing but a G thang today. It started as a scheduled day off, but the universe called and cuss had to get done. The cuss that got done was some miles on a great road in Grafton, VT. Picked out an extremely flat section of road to roll on and to get the work in necessary I ran a mile (which are marked) then turned around and ran a minute out and back then started the next interval. All in all it was a ten miler.
Like the title implies, perfection was perfected, and the goal was simple: 5:40-5:30 pace for the miles. This was my first workout since totally committing to VCM. The tendinitis is doing a great job at distracting me, but let's be serious, perfection is perfected so I'm a let them understand; and what I understand is that I can block out this annoyance (which does happen to feel like a nail being driven into my patella) and block it out well. It's excited to think that if I get locked in a room with a whole bunch of anyone's and someone hits the lights, and only one dude can walk out... That dude is going to be me, no doubts. If you doubt, set a time and place. Back to the running... The workout was supposed to emulate what the marathon pace may be like and like I stated before, I have no clue what to do, but ran a marathon pace workout. So, the first mile I opened up with a 5:01... Hmmm, didn't realize I was a sub 2:12 marathoner. I like the idea of this. Naturally, I have the idea to ease it back, but it felt so easy, and run the workout the way I intended, 5:30-5:40 pace... Second mile, 5:01! Ain't no thang!!! Too easy, too normal. Third mile was on a stretch of road that is picturesque VT and I became lost in wonder of things and just ran as comfortable as I could, 4:52... Kanye coined me best, "I'm a mother cussing monster!" Ok, ok, I'm really confident in me and I believe in me... I felt like a one man 300, ready for anything, but still had a mile to go. Last mile a bit of reality set in and the head wind was annoying and had to focus for the first time during the day. Last mile was ok, 5:08 but felt great, every mile felt great and turning it over was awesome. Excited about the prospects of another 100+ mile week. Bring it, so it can be brought!

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  1. Where's Tuesday and Wednesday? I'm cussing waiting broski!