Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday - Charismatic Megafuana

Woke up feeling good and I knew this when I walked down the stairs to start my day. I had planned to double and get some miles the easy way. The morning run was going to be true recovery and the afternoon was to be a normal run (it had to be, I was running with Fyffe).
I grabbed Jamie Moore for the first run. He had a big workout on Friday and I took for granted that he'll want to just chill. 8 miles on the rail bed sounded perfect at recovery speeds. Jamie knows his cuss about the runnin world and I was excited to hear who done what. Right out of the car, I knew we weren't going to have a chill recovery day. We started by clipping right along and I was impressed. Jamie wants to be Pete Najem and "I want to run fast." This lasted to the turn around and then we chilled the way back in. It was a high quality run.
Having a solid morning run made the afternoon run with Fyffe almost a looming thought. I went from feelin like a true gangster to more gang banged. I was feeling the past two weeks and knew it. But I was over it as soon as we hit the pavement. We clipped up Fyffe's hill in near record time and kept strolling... Or for me, rolling. Bangin out 10 miles in Putney at 6 min pace can be challenging. It got to one point where I just wanted to be done and didn't want to be out there running 7's when 6 min mile pace was normal feeling.
Fyffe succeeded in his flux capacitor, and was jacked up about it and it was cool to hear about. What made it the best is that there was a thought by some that he might not be able to successfully build this part. That's where Fyffe brings it out and tallywacks the mother cussing haters in the mouth. Having Fyffe with a lot to talk about helped get me through the run. It was funny that every time he was telling me a part of the story that fired him up, we were about to conquer a climb...

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