Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday - ending it right

The week was a great third week in my marathon building, which I have no idea what to do, and needed 17 to snag 100 for the week. The easiest way to get the 100 is to call Greg and Fyffe and plan a Sunday long run. The plan was to run a 19-20 miler through Putney, which will put me over 100 miles, pending survival. Greg and Fyffe raced the day before, I may be he best at dodging comp, but once I'm in the shape I feel adequate, then it's race time, and the plan was a recovery long run (which means we will run faster than anyone wants, except Fyffe, haha) Fyffe is on his way to being in a different league and is racing not in fine tuned shape yet. He's in shape to run anything, but once he gone tunes, it's codes time (which means you better now cheat codes to beat him). As always, the three of us rolled out the full run without any issues, like it weren't no thang!
The knee acted up, but like any amazing athlete, I blocked out the severe pain and ignored it. I'm an evolutionary specimen, without doubt. The run, as always, was honest, hilly and awesome. Once this tendinitis is gone, along with the fracture in my radius, a lot of mothercussers are in some mothercussing trouble!
But in all honesty, it's all true. You may be cussed! 102 miles for the week.

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