Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday - People Say I Change

Must not know me, I'm more constant than Caesar and the North Star.
Met Greg for 10 miles at the Bellows Falls High School. It was hot, and not just warm, but after a long day, it was downright uncomfortable. The day before I pistol whipped a 19 miler and needed a rest day. Greg was cool with this.
We ran a normal 10 miler of Larry Sayers and Tim Eno, and always thought of it as an easy run. No real hills, some trails and dirt roads with a very short stint on a main road. The run is a big lollipop.
Greg was positive we were going to.... One of the following:
1. Get attacked by a Rottweiler.
2. Get shot at or just get shot.
3. Possible raping an if this happened there would def be one of us to get gaped (I love Greg but I don't want it to be me).
4. Lost;
Worst case scenario is all of the above (and in order).
All of the above was never a thought when I've run this in the past, but it made me wonder... Hopefully we can say that we "gapped" the danger instead of, "I got gaped."
We did survive the hot weather conditions, and made reference to our others that ran the marathon in the morning, that our thoughts were with hem and how we did not envy their conditions. Then we joked that our conditions at the end of May could be horrifically worse! I'm over it, bring it.

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