Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wednesday - Brief stint in reality

Wednesday is workout days for most of the area runners and they meet up for independent or group workouts on the local tracks in the vicinity of Keene. I don't get to make it to too many so today was a treat that I would be in attendance. I hustled my sweet cuss down to Keene after school with the intention of banging out 10 for the warmup then hit some marathon paced times on the track. I was hoping I get someone to join me for the first ten miles but was too hard for dudes on short notice. So I rolled out solo. Ran for 9:40min pain free (which may strike fear) and had a great warmup.
Met Greg to do some marathon prep work of sorts and the original idea was 2 x 3mile at 5:20 pace (or close to it). Fyffe was a part of this original idea, but due to the fact that Fyffe is the Man at work, he had some thins to do and couldn't make it. So it was down to just Greg and I. There were many other people there: George, James, Mark, Chuck and Mr. Fyffe (Fyffe's dad). I didn't hear any good ideas for workouts that would benefit me, so I stuck to the plan. Greg may have heard some ideas, but I'm pretty sure they sucked in his eyes and I was gracious to roll with him.
He weather blew, a lot, of wind and there were times there was precipitation of solid and liquid, cuss this! We got through a few laps of the first 3mile an I wasn't feeling it (hence, I had a brief stint in reality) and opted for a 2mile. Greg, also concurred, making the decision a perfect one. The first mile of the set was a 5:20 on the dot, that's with and opening 83-84 second quarter, followed by 5:15 for the second mile: 2mile: 10:36. Didn't like that I didn't feel great, but was over it faster then I could have remembered. The workout modified to a mile and 4 x 200. Mile went well, chilling to 5:10 and all the 2's were strides out in 34-35's. Didn't like this workout or how I felt but, cuss it.

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