Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wednesday - Workout in Keene, or so I thought.

Today was planned on being a great day, easy day at school, Wednesday workout, dinner with the dudes and an early night. But wait, bull cuss ensues and all plans are cussed hard. There is a staff meeting after school, cuss, followed by a union meeting, double cuss! My Wednesday workout plan is shot and I'm wondering if I'll jar any day light to squeeze in anything. Cuss cuss. Staff meeting got over early enough so I could still have made the workout, but the union meeting... Cussing cluster cuss of cussing enormous cussing sizes.
Everyone wanted to be Che Guevara, which they did a pod job at, and say what was on their minds. I agreed with the majority of what was said, but I also agreed with it prior to the meeting and we were supposed to be there to vote a simple, yes or no. But no, we need to hear every rally cry, which I stress, I do agree with, but wanted to get the cuss out of there and get my fitness on. By the time I did get out of there I was strapped for daylight. I hauled it together and ran out to the workout hill, fast, then ran the hill like I owned it, fast (2:19), then ran home, fast.
The great part was all pisstivity was gone and I was completely relaxed with my thoughts, which were of how enormous outer space really is. Mind blowing. 10 in the books.

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