Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday - Last Hero and Only Hope

This was a day that was to be geared specifically towards the marathon. Greg had a race in RI so it was down to Fyffe and I to get with it.
The idea was simple: 19 mile loop, first 9 as a warmup then run 5:40's for the next 10. Right from the start we were locked into 6 minute pace, 17:54 at 3 miles. Fyffe locks in immediately, where it takes me a few miles to acclimate. The hill at 4 was enough to wake my body up. The next few miles are rolling hills to the 7 mile mark before a significant hill of all of mile 8. Totally natural, we climbed in 7:13, which made me feel invincible to the rest of the run. I felt too good up such a hard climb not to be oozing with confidence. We stopped at the 8 mile mark to stretch as evaluate the plan., 50:20. The idea was 5:40's for a stretch and see how we felt once we were out there. Fyffe and I have tried this many times and failed on all attempts, usually way to hot the first early miles. On this day we were perfect without even trying (to quote Fyffe). Here are how the next few miles played out; 5:41, 5:42, 5:35, 5:30; we then took a mile of ease at 5:57, then got back to where we thought we were.
Fresh out the next set, we were hot; 5:16, 5:26, 5:26... We then called the work to have been done, both of us feeling great.
Fyffe had the illusion that he wanted to run a 7 minute mile. I had to laugh and reassure him that he has no idea or concept of a 7 min mile, so he said he'd try. 6:13... Haha. This brought us within under 2 miles to go and we ha a PR time for the run going so we put the pedal back to fast and relaxed and closed out the 19 mile (18.79 on map my run) straight rolling. End time: 1:47:30. Bangin!
I got home and looked deep into the mirror. I tried hard to see beyond my mortal flesh to my immortal soul and being. I noticed many things as I journeyed through my energy fields and cellular materialism to my core being. One, GD I'm pretty, and two, I am the last hero, therefore, the only hope.

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  1. Come on bro. A whole 5 days of no blog posts. I am eagerly waiting. Every time I am gonna be in your case. Didn't you have school vacation this week?