Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday - Before the Storm

Friday was a planned day of chill. Fyffe and I were going to scape together some miles in Brattleboro and check out the high school relay meet that would be there. He coached Keene last year and I have some lionesses on BF, so we wanted to see them roll out. We planned on a huge weekend of miles with marathon prep speed so a chill 5 with Larry Legend was perfect. Saw BF run awesome, a lot of tough kids for BF with a lot if heart, which is exciting and motivating to keep staying on it.
Although, not to end with a negative, I can't stand when chumps try to scratch at the champ (me)... Kids can be idiots, before you spout, realize you're a drip, compared to me; a mother cussing tsunami wave.
Like I said, BF has some dirty tough competitors and when all are healthy, just like me, I would t want to race them...

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