Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friday - adventures with my shadow

Yea, today was a solo run with the girls. I wanted to check out a run from the Pinnacle in West West to Putney Mtn and back. On the map is said it was just over 12.5 then I figured I'd add a loop and make it 14-15. Glad it was a solo day, I was death marching at times and flying at others, with no reason for either. It was mostly moderate honest rolling hills until two miles from Putney Mtn. I took a new trail and descended, for a long long gradual time. In retro spec, it brought me to the bottom of the backside of the mountain, which meant the last mile to half way was straight up and very difficult. But, like always, weren't no thang! Putney Mtn isn't particularly high elevation wise, but you get almost a 360* view. From Monadnock to Sunapee, and all the ski mountains of Vermont.
Once again, glad to be by myself,was able to chill and run easy on the way back, total running time 1:55, def called it 15.

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