Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday - Laughter of Satan

Sunday's weather blew! After being Mike Tyson (me) vs. Peter McNeeley (workout) on Saturday, I teamed up with Fyffe for a Sunday 18-20, or so we both thought. We had to meet bc Fyffe had some going ons for Easter. We met at the Keene high track and were going to run out an back on the rail bed. Once we got going I could tell I was more like Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas, could have conquered the day, but just wasn't into it and succumbed. I'm blaming the weather, it was the fourth day in a row of windy cold cuss.
Fyffe was def under the weather and we opted to cut the run in half. This suited me just fine, I would just double and get the miles. I was sitting at 80 before the day started, and was content to listen to my body, my buddy and clock out the week with 95.
Knee killed, and it convinced me to move up my rest days to Monday an Tuesday of the coming week. I've had 4 great weeks in a row, the 4th week included 3 solid, if not great, workouts and it would do my body and mind some good.
Later Sunday evening I ventured out the door with the girls and parked at an abandoned apple orchard, that has a perimeter snow mobile trail that goes around and through, to add my second run of the day. Netting 14 for the day and 95 for the week.

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