Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday- spottieottiedopaliscious

Gilsum NH at George Adams house today for (what no one in any state of the cussing mind will ever figure how long the run will be) 2 hours. George, myself, Greg and Fyffe were hoping for 2 hours (to start).
George may have the best maintained trails in the known universe, so it will be a great ride in soft awesome trails. The trail system is scattered all over Surry Mtn with great climbs and lots of possibilities.
George should have bought a lottery ticket, because he ACTUALLY (yea I said actually you clustercusses who are thinking about any bullcuss) brought us on a run that was 2:01! This was great bc we had the option to add on if we wanted or needed to, which we did, by adding on an extra 3. The best part was how it was pouring when we got there and stopped right when we started and held off the whole time.
Highlights: We aren't still running and George brought us 2 hours; saw a grave site that dated back to 1776; logged 22 miles; and felt awesome.
A week if only 5 days: 87...

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