Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday - Children of Men

I was more anxious and concerned that I was going to get my taint dragged for today's workout, which isn't a comfortable feeling to think about. Due to my concerns and Fyffe's feeling of under the weather, we opted for 15-16 miles with 2 x 3 mile at goal pace, which was to start at 5:40 and not exceed 5:30. The workout was to be on the Clarence DeMar course and Fyffe had all the miles pegged and had done the workout two weeks earlier with Greg and wanted feedback. This was all cool with me.
The whole run out to the start of our workout, I was truly concerned about getting dragged and not being in control. Fyffe said he wasn't feeling well and it was evident once we started to first set.
The first mile of the first set climb at half mile and continues almost to the first mile mark. The idea of stating under control was important and sensed that I was going to feel better than I thought. First mile: 5:35, withy he hill was perfect. Fyffe had a great point, he wanted to hit the times no matter the terrain. Second mile meanders downhill a bit an levels off before climbing the last 200m. Second mile: 5:25, not bad, significant downhill yet still in complete control. The third mile is a pancake, as far as flat. We continued the same effort, the stride felt good and I was feeling looser than minutes earlier, which was encouraging. Third mile: 5:27, perfect, 16:22for three miles. Right as we finished Fyffe told me he was done. He knows his body and the combination of his health and the enormous breakfast he ate was not mixing. He is great about saving it for another day and regulating when he doesn't feel well. It was unfortunate bc I was feeling borderline great. This spent happen too often, so I was encouraged to finish the workout. I mentally prep'd myself: control, fast and relaxed.
I ran a 7:08 mile in between my sets and started the second set on a very flat mile. I felt in control but couldn't tell if I was too fast or too slow, so I said cuss it and ran comfortably. First mile: 5:10, dang; really felt in control and great. Fyffe went back and got his car and met me right after the Iraq mile of the second set. The second mile weaves through a neighborhood a d has a slight hill, my main goal was to chill and settle in to reality and did just this. Second mile: 5:28, and felt great. Stride was solid, knee was nonexistent and I was doing my thing. Fyffe was driving next to me letting me know where he final mile ended. Main goal, control and no need to be a hero, just hold this effort, it's fast and relaxed and I'm chilling. Fyffe confirmed that I was smooth and had updates of how far out I was. I didn't want to see anything slower than 5:30, but what will be, will be. If the times is what it is and I'm in control and comfortable, so be it. Third mile: 5:10... 'nough said.

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  1. Nice cussing work! It looks like you crushed some skulls!