Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday - LYF

Good gracious... Great day. Weather was rocking, mind and body feeling good in the process of rocking 100+ miles in the week. Hell yea!
I strolled a morning 7 with some uber hills. I headed down the street to Acherson Hollow Rd, which is a stunning half mile of relentless up. It links over to some great trails in an abandoned apple orchard (which has miles of trails too). I am piecing together some short trails and linking them all up to what will be a sweet new run of 12-18 depending on which way you roll it. The hills are cussing hard and steep.
In the afternoon I ventured to Keene for the Wednesday workout. There were a few ideas for workouts and since I didn't give a cuss, I listened to then all. I settled myself on a 2 mile, at 5:30 pace, then some 200's. Greg and Fyffe were thinking of rolling a 10:40 and were going to try and hit 5:20 like it weren't no thing... This proved to be a thing bc they were hot through the quarter as I was 79 and they were ahead of me. I hit another 79 and felt a cuss of a lot better so I went with it. I rolled a 5:10 first mile and continues to effortlessly run and wound up at 4:59 the second mile for a 10:10. This was a good effort and felt easier than I could have hoped and also, lead me to not do anymore today and chill. I added a few miles on the track then hit the cool down. Total for the day: 17 bangers...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday - Bear

Plan: Meet at George Adams' house for a run at 7am.
Greg and I met at George's house for a run... There was no distance determined until I got there. I really wanted 15 or something close and it was agreed. Now, at George's house, his trails are amazing groomed and well kept. The only problem is, I'm not so sure George knows where we are going 56% of the time. If George secretly wants to run 2 hours and we plan for 10, we are cussed. Heart of gold, but stubborn and will try at all costs to get the miles or time he needs. So when we agrees on 15, there was a slight possibility that woe could be out there for 7 hours.
The pace was great and we weaves our way all over Surry Mtn and had some good chats. There are some great climbs on soft surfaces an the legs felt good.
The whole run I could get my mind away from the basketball hoop newly set up in the driveway. It was lowered and it really looked like it needed some jungle dunks to happen. Weird, I'm a jungle dunkin fiend. So when we got bak from our 15 mile run, it was time to thunder.
Now, I'm not one to lead you astray about my athletic ability, but... I'm not just a runner, I can do it all.
It was fun to bang on the rim.
It was Greg, George, Dawson ( George's son/8th grade) and me. George looked like a Celtic Gingery Kendrick Perkins (and played like him too).
It was fun, good dunks, no injuries and great run.
Ps. Ran 6 more that night with Larry Legend and Tim Eno... Ain't no thang...

Monday - And It Begins

Switzerland has completely consumed me. Every run needs to serve a purpose and I'm stoked to embrace the challenge and try some new training ideas as I build up for the World Mountain Marathon Championships.
I'm going to sound like me but... The course doesn't look that bad. It looks like a course I'll run well on, sending I run smart, and think I have a great shot to do well. My teammates will all be ready to rock, so I want to make sure that I too am ready to blow doors down.
The course is flat for a while, then gradual for a bit, then it's up a cussing Alp... No big deal (except for the Alp part, that looks unreal and a HUGE deal). But, when you're the real deal, I'll be ready.
Monday kicks off the beginning, so Greg came out this morning and we went for the standard 13+ Sap Lines run with the switchback finish. I want distance, so pace doesn't matter to me, but we ran a minute slower than normal. This is good.
The afternoon brought a hill workout, which I included photos. The hill is a about 800m and is steep in the beginning and end, perfect hill to repeat on. My goal was 3 x hill and to just run the hill. I want worried about time. I locked into a claiming gear and got up it. Needless to say, I rolled on every one... But you knew this.

Saturday - Simmer

My cousin is getting married today, so I has to hustle the run in. I've turned into a college sophomore and have been sleeping until 9+... I feel heavy, out of shape and slow. Is there a remedy? Yup, run with Fyffe.
Fyffe isn't in shape, but he's fit and can run anything at a solid clip.
It was starting I get hot in the day and bc I continue to have late starts we ran at 11 on Putney. We parked at the Covert Culvert and headed to the dirt roads from there so we could swim when we finished.
We started out slow, but by 2 miles had a solid pace and continued this until we finished our 10.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday - Silent AM

Greg was going to be heading to the in laws today and could only run in the AM. We got up to get down at the railed in Westmoreland for 10. I thought this idea was awesome, woke up earlier than the alarm and was ready to roll. That all changed once I started running at 5:29am. I felt fat, slow, out of shape and flat... Awesome. The great thing was we ran very slow, which was stellar, and we got it done. The first 5 miles were at 7:50 pace (about) but we ended 5 minutes faster for the way back in (it's an out and back). It was great to be done with the whole day ahead of me to do absolutely nothing, which I did and I did it well!
Side note: threw in the towel on some upcoming races to focus on miles and hills for Suisse. Monday embarks a new chapter of focus to the training.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thursday - Robin

Thursday started rough... Woke up like I was a feeling like a frat boy, as it was 9:45... Cussing Cuss. I got my mind around eating a breakfast and getting out the door for a shake out 5 miler then had hopes of a second run. With Switzerland keeping my mind fresh I know I need to get after it.
I drove out to Grafton (again) and knew a flat 5 would be easy. I ran hard the night before and needed some restful miles.
My girls and I were able to sty cool on the woods and had a lot of water stops to cool off in. This made my 5 miler into a solid 10. Having ten miles in the books in the heat on a rest day made me change my plans and settle for the 10 knowing that once Monday of next week comes its going to maniacal.
I sat out in the sun the rest of the day and got some great vitamin D, UV rays and the a red belly, hence... Robin.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday - Lightning Bugs

Today was gnarly hot. There was no avoiding the heat today, it was a gorgeous day but too hot to run. I opted to wait till the evening before I got my stride on.
To guarantee that I would run 14 miles I went with my lady out to Hamilton Falls (look it up, its awesome spit with amazing energy flowing) in Windham and got dropped off on the way back. The road goes right through Grafton and of the 14 miles 9 are on flat dirt roads with picturesque VT scenery. I had the whole road to myself and the path was lit with millions of lightning bugs... It was awesome.
The best part was when I started to bonk a bit (first 10 miles in 62:02) there is a farm that has a stand open 24 hours and they sell the following: ice cream (many flavors), drinks, farm meats, lemon and raspberry bars and other country cuss foods. I was getting a lot of colors as I flew along and rolled to a stop to grab some cals.
I grabbed a peanut butter cookie and a coke. If I'm playing with being and ultra runner, eating and running can't be no thang... Ended the run completely soaked with humidity sweat and huge feeling of success, 14 in the books on a righteously hot day.
I chilled on the couch and took a peak at this Jungfrau Mt marathon, and here is the first cussing pic that comes up, GNARLY!!!

Tuesday - Ursa Major Veritas

Today was another double run day. With news of a marathon in the trails of the Alps only 80 days away, I'm no longer concerned with anything besides miles. I don't want to be reduced to walking due to poor preparation... But seriously, that ain't gon' happen!!! So miles it is. Greg's 1000 mile summer idea was a perfect fit and this week has been right on target.
In the morning I drove out to Grafton and hit Mollie Beattie State Forest. There is a great out an back dirt road, which is more snowmobile trail than road, and has some great rivers along it. The girls came and was a mellow shake out. I felt horrid on the way out and slow but loose on the way back. The afternoon run would be with Fyffe, Greg and Najem at Fyffe's house.
I love how the BAA is referred to as the Evil Empire, I love it (great album also!!!) and felt truly connected in a bizzaro way today. There is the Imperial Death March and then what I did on every hill today: Dying Death March. This afternoon 10 was tough, I was sluggish and just depleted of energy.
I was able to catch back up after the beginning hills but never felt comfy on the climbs. Rob Zombie said it best " I feel more human that human..." Today, that was me, but it was a great run otherwise. We hit the covert culvert after and soaked the legs in 32.9 degree water (or so it cussing feels).
Side Note: I rode my bike 10 miles to Fyffe's house and back, so on the day: 15 miles of running, 20 of biking. Summer of "fit."

ALSO::: DUDE!!! This is epic!!! Emily and I were outside at her house and there was something in the bushes. We were laying looking at the stars, and I heard noises in the woods... It's a CUSSING BEAR!!! No bull cuss... I get Emily into my truck and hit the high beams... I walk out with my flashlight and the bear is 20 feet up the hill in the backyard looking back at me. It/he/she then does a fake charge (grunts and snorts while slamming their front paws). It was exhilarating and epic and slightly terrifying. Holy cuss, that was awesome. I wasn't too scared bc "Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her..." It def sent my adrenaline through my body. Hell yea!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday - Preface

Today was the start of refocusing the training, the body, the mind and all energy. Greg had an awesome idea of trying to clip 1000 miles this summer. As teachers we have the summers to reenergize and ten weeks (at 100+ miles) of runs sounds like a plan. I got a head start on Greg bc he still has school, but I took advantage of my situation and logged some solid miles today.
I met up with Larry Legend Sayers for a long 5 miles on the Vermont Academy trails. I had some great news to share and was ready and focused on "re"getting after it. In the evening, Greg and Najem came out to run a standard 13. This is one of Boj's favorite runs, and I his nude day (birthday) we celebrated by running it for him. The morning run was a nice shake out, while the afternoon run was HOT. The girls, Ellie and Lena, also joined us and had a fun time. It has been some time since they have joined the group for runs, so it was great o see them all over the trails. The neighbors pooch, Whistle, also joined. Dude is a trooper and always is ready for a good time.
We ran a decent to fast time for the loop (no FKT, but faster than normal) and it was a more "quiet" run than normal.
At 55 minutes I was tired, and didn't have a lot left to climb with. Greg and Najem seemed just fine with clicking it back and we chilled in. (when I say chill, I mean "focused" on getting the cuss done!).
Monday's is always fun bc we hit the smallest wings in the world up at the local pub. Summer of miles is starting the right way...
News Flash: I have been selected for the USA Long Distance Mountain Team, and I'm slated to race with USA on my chest in Interlaken, Switzerland at the Jungfrau Marathon this September!!! Very fortunate and very excited to be able to travel and run in the Alps again.

Sunday - Post Hill Climb

It was in the cards to run with Fyffe and Greg Sunday and I was stoked to get back to the tradition of Sunday runs together. I had boat loads of news and planned on taking them step by step (oooooh baby, Gonna get to you girl....)(and literally, I was going to dissect every step of the hill climb!). So we headed to Westminster West to stroll the Pinnacle trails. These trials link from my house all the way to within a couple miles of Fyffe's house. 20+ miles of trails.
We cruised an easy 12, an hit the Pinnacle on the way back to check out the view. It was a great day, especially bc I didn't use the AK, and the legs felt great. Well, great for having run the hill the day before. They were sluggish and a bit flat, but otherwise felt better than I could/would guess.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday - Mt Washington

The running and fitness is rolling right now and I wanted to take a shot and see how I would stack up against the other elites. I had some lofty, yet realistic, goals leading into W (let it be reminded, I did a marathon recently; no marathon = totally different goals): I believe(d) I have a 1% chance to be in the top 5; 25% chance to be top 10; 50% chance to run smart and; god only knows...
My other thoughts were that I wanted to run respectable, based on my fitness level, and run well on flat legs.
I wanted to get out slow and literally go for a training run and assess how I felt each mile. I also, didn't want to get past by anyone the entire race and be the dude that would be picking people off.
The conditions were perfect and the stage was set. At the gun I immediately had two thoughts pop in my head:
1. If it goes bad, drop out; followed by
2. Never think that again and roll.
The first pack was gone at the gun. I was chillin with the ladies for the first half mile before I started to settle into my effort and stride.
I felt great, the breathing was relaxed and even though my legs were flat as flat could be, I was doing it! I was passing people the whole first half and hit half way around 32:45, which was right around PR pace! Place was out the window, and the 1% chance was out too. This was relaxing, and I was able to keep picking people off. Each mile after half way, I continued to clip dudes and roll right past them. At 5 miles I caught my bro Jim Johnson and could see exciting news ahead: Justin Freeman and Nate Jenkins... I got Freeman right at 5 and was really rolling. Each mile was easy, still flat, but relaxed and moving.
I didn't have anything in the tank when it was time to get poppy and get after it, there was no pop, so... Jenkins was able to finish just ahead of me. The race is only 7.6, not 7.7...
Oh well, runners rarely say it, (I never do), but this was the best race (execution) I could have run. I had no rights running 1:06 on such flat legs, but was able to stay relaxed and roll.
It is always cool to exceed your egos expectations. Hell of a day, insane depth, great dudes (some turds) and a wicked positive experience. Glad I could come back and run well. My mindset leading in was, "the worst thing that can happen is I end up on top of Mt Washington..." Ain't too bad how it ended up.

Trojan Wrap Up

Let's wrap it up, shall we...? It's been a few weeks since the marathon and I have even doing what I do best: be awesome. School was wrapping up, thank god and all other dietys, and I was also wrapping my head around chillin and doing nothing but train (so my ego and swag will be justified).
Over the last couple weeks I haven't done a lot in the running aspect. I literally ran 5 times and biked 3 rides. That is great prep for Mt. Washington, right? Hell yea. Ain't no thang anyways. I had some great ideas for Washington and capitalizing on them were essential in order to attain success. Coincidentally, success is all I wear.