Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday - A Man With No Arms

Can't hang...
Race day at Groton MA.
I was reeling in the brain right out of the REM stage. I was highly anxious and was hoping this would be a good indicator of current fitness level. I'm not worried about my mental game, I got more confidence than a beach has sand, I was curious about my physical ability to roll.
I know the course enough to know that... I don't remember the course at all except for the first mile through town, a mile where I dropped a 4:40 mile in the Grand Prix 10k (ages ago), and a finish on a track where I blew doors down, setting a course record which still stand at 31:23. That's enough to remember, right?
I knew Pat Moulton was going to be there and chatted it up with him before hand to see what his plans would be. Pat is legit, and I running a marathon in Providence next week, so he will know where his fitness is.
I have been gaming with Pat since middle school and the days of CYO hoops. Keene vs. Pelham, always balling... Then XC clashes in high school, then... Never again, bc Pat went to college and has been wringing out taints ever since. And I wish we could have laced them up for some hoops instead of a rolling hills 10k with wicked wind. we discussed a great plan, run together and not let anyone else win. I liked this plan, but was concerned about my job. I knew I was in some form of shape, and was praying to be in between 32:00-32:30. I felt this to be fair and accurate (as of right now).
We spotted another BAA runner, Tim Guerin, and this is where I knew the plan may have some opposition.
The race went out and I felt that the pace was hot. It wasn't. It was just Pat, Tim and I. We hit the first mile in 5:08, but truly felt like a 4:45... Alarm, in head, says cuss. I immediately felt better a quarter mile later as we climbed a little roller, but by the next half mile knew I was in for a day of work. It was windy, but windy for them too, and I was having a little difficulty hanging at the pace. My next mile was around 5:12, and I felt this was going to be my pace for the day. My effort was honest and that was going to be my race. Little did I know, I was slowing down substantially over he next two miles. The gap between Pat and Tim wasn't too far, my effort was mirrored, but cuss cuss I was not running as fast as my effort perceived. The fourth mile took for cussing ever and I had to do something to break out of this, high effort slow pace. I dropped a 4:48 mile to catch back up to within striking difference, but did a little too much in closing the gap. I was still slowly gaining, but would never have enough in the tank to win.
It seemed Pat decide to chill the last 1200m and I wanted to make a push to run in with him. So, once again, I drag everything I had to try and run with Pat. This effort made it so I was within 2 seconds of Pat when we hit he track. I thought it would be funny to catch up to him, but in all this effort, I neither fully caught him or was able to run with him. I had the throttle down, that once I was close I was gassed and empty and had to let up. That move was all she wrote. Haha. We finished: Tim, then Pat, then Mr. Beautiful (I had more white fluid on my neck then Jenna Jamison after an encounter with the Cincinnati Bengals).
On the cool down, I then proceed to tell Pat that I could have caught him, i couldn't have, open mouth insert foot... He seemed to get a kick out of this and busted my balls right back.
It was a big effort and good place to tweak some training the next two weeks.
Is it better to be a has been? Or a never was?

Friday - Myxomatosis

And I was the rabbit...
The plan was Pisgah, Greg's house, for a 14-15 cruise on the trails. Fyffe, George and all the girls were there (Ellie, Lena, Griffin and Bailey). We were rolling with an entourage. The pace was subdued and I was a little bummed about how my knee felt. I also had some items I was processing during the run and really didn't have a lot to say (uncussingbelievable). I did wrap my mind around and conquered the idea of racing this Sunday and only racing a 10k, which will be in Groton MA. The run was good with friends of all species and accomplished a lot of mental stress relief.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday - Charismatic Megafuana

Woke up feeling good and I knew this when I walked down the stairs to start my day. I had planned to double and get some miles the easy way. The morning run was going to be true recovery and the afternoon was to be a normal run (it had to be, I was running with Fyffe).
I grabbed Jamie Moore for the first run. He had a big workout on Friday and I took for granted that he'll want to just chill. 8 miles on the rail bed sounded perfect at recovery speeds. Jamie knows his cuss about the runnin world and I was excited to hear who done what. Right out of the car, I knew we weren't going to have a chill recovery day. We started by clipping right along and I was impressed. Jamie wants to be Pete Najem and "I want to run fast." This lasted to the turn around and then we chilled the way back in. It was a high quality run.
Having a solid morning run made the afternoon run with Fyffe almost a looming thought. I went from feelin like a true gangster to more gang banged. I was feeling the past two weeks and knew it. But I was over it as soon as we hit the pavement. We clipped up Fyffe's hill in near record time and kept strolling... Or for me, rolling. Bangin out 10 miles in Putney at 6 min pace can be challenging. It got to one point where I just wanted to be done and didn't want to be out there running 7's when 6 min mile pace was normal feeling.
Fyffe succeeded in his flux capacitor, and was jacked up about it and it was cool to hear about. What made it the best is that there was a thought by some that he might not be able to successfully build this part. That's where Fyffe brings it out and tallywacks the mother cussing haters in the mouth. Having Fyffe with a lot to talk about helped get me through the run. It was funny that every time he was telling me a part of the story that fired him up, we were about to conquer a climb...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday - Your Huckleberry

Wednesday workout day. I had big plans for the day but they didn't come together like I wanted. I wanted to double but the possibility of racing this sunday, a 5k 10k double on the roads in Groton MA, had my head reeling. I ended up bypassing the morning run, opting to focus on having another good workout.
Since the addition of the workouts I have cut back the miles. Not intentionally, I've just been rolling and feeling good/great on all workouts lately, that my quality days are a few less miles than I figured. Cuss is good.
I had intentions of doing whatever workout Fyffe was going to do in my head and that was all the thought I put into it. So when I found out that Fyffe couldn't make the workout (he is singlehandedly building a 5 axis flux capacitor to be installed into a time machine made from a modified DeLorean; Fyffe is also reconfiguring the vehicle's time displacement to be powered by plutonium, which supplies 1.21 gigawatts of energy to the device called the flux capacitor. Fyffe has explained that the car needs to travel to a programmed date upon reaching 88 miles per hour, using a date, pre-project, so he can travel back through time and not miss any training days. Before Fyffe can make this trip, Greg and I must be true training partners and vanquish the Libyan terrorists from whom Fyffe has stolen the plutonium, and do so before they shoot him. If I had to speculate I would say that Fyffe will attempt to escape in the DeLorean (if the Libyans find us) and he will inadvertently activate the time machine. Fyffe will be transported back through time, and find himself without the plutonium needed for the return trip. But he'll cross that bridge when he gets to it).
So my workout plan was out the window. Mark Miller and Greg settled the matter at mile, 2 x 800, and 4 x 400. George also said he was in and I didn't want to miss the party so I was game.
We started with a pair of 200's in 35 seconds to shake it out. Miller didn't feel great and wanted to grind the feelings out. Greg and Miller got the mile going and continued a good clip. I did 3 x mile on Monday and wanted to chill and run comfy today. My goal was 5:10, you want to know what they ran go read their cussing blog. Goals are great, especially when you pistol whip the times while trying to run the time. I floated through the mile in 4:58, negative splitting every lap and feeling good. The goal was the same for all sets, fast and relaxed to feel good with a stride straight rolling. The 8's weren't no thang either, was hoping to run 2:30, ended up chilling to 2:27 and 2:23... Common theme lately, feeling good. The 400's were just there to stride out and hold form and feel turnover, 75, 73, 72, 66.
I then wanted to take ownership of my marathon pace of 5:30's-5:40's, so I dropped a mile on the track with that as my goal pace. It just wasn't to be. I was too comfortable as a 2:10 marathoner. 5:17... Felt too easy, like a 6 min mile. It is true, it does feel good to be a gangster.
Greg said he was working, but I couldn't tell, he looked like he was a villain (straight chillin').
This workout, hopefully, will be good signs for a 10k this weekend. I know there will be great competition, Pat Moulton will be in attendance and he's always a fav to win, and I just got to run what I can run.
14 for the day, on my way to 100 for the week.
On a side note: I'm the course record holder... No big deal.

Tuesday - Sir

I woke up feeling really good. Workout went faster and felt better than planned and I woke up feeling rested. This was an important day in my head bc I knew I had to listen to my unbelievably sculpted godly iconic temple called my body. My body called for an hour of running today, which was a change in plan from what I thought I needed when I woke up. I have a great 9 mile or hour loop and felt good about the run changed to. The dude abides and so do I.

Monday - Hallowed Be Thy Name

The sands of time, for me, are running low...
Well, the marathon is coming quick and there are so many other things in between I'm trying to hit; like workouts.
I'm over the whole marathon, I'll be in the shape I'm in and I'm happy about where it's going.
One step that made me happy is today's workout. I ran a 5 mile warm up with Larry Sayers and Heidi Westerling-Over and had in my my mind either 3 or 5 by mile on the track. 3 if my times were faster, 5 if I'm closer to 5:20's.
The first lap of the first mile was slow, but felt good. I came through half at 2:35 and just kept clipping along fast and relaxed. Ended the first mile with a 5:04. Felt good and comfortable, which meant that 3 miles was probably a good decision. Mile 2 was fine, tried to run the same effort, and did notice that I fell into a rhythm of feeling fast and relaxed. 4:57. Third mile, the same plan was in place, but went weird. I was taking about 2 min recovery for 400m, so when I came around the first lap of my first mile I was hoping to see 73-74 seconds. Instead I saw 3:13?! Cuss, I didn't hit my split, cuss and cuss. So, I hit the split and kept in rolling. I wanted to see times and not have to speculate, so I ran 5 laps at the same effort, but my recorded four laps were a 4:52... Cool. 2000m at that pace felt ok.
Good workout, felt good. Fyffe says it best, "I thrive in no man's land..." and I feel, so do I.
12 mile workout day, nifty.

Sunday - 50 Cents Away From A Quarter

Today was initially intended to be an intense but controlled tempo run of 18, but after Fyffe, Greg and I helped a moving to a new house, we reconsidered to a long run at George's. The original goal was 3 hours on the trails to get time on our feet. I'm thoroughly pleased how my training is going, and I'm not worried about the marathon, I know I'll be as ready as I can be given the window of time I had to train. So, a 3 hour run could fit the bill.
I was more sleepy tired than anything, the legs had some gitty-up today, again. The trails at George's are unreal when it comes to maintenance. Very easy pace that was not taxing. Hard to get into a rhythem (as was said) but a great recovery distance day, also known as LSD (long slow distance).
Now, I don't know too many runner quotes, but I do know this one Coe quote: "long slow distance makes long slow distance runners." There is some truth to that, but today it fit the bill for all attendants. The weather held off and the run was super.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday - Cooler Than A Polar Bear Colony

Greg, Fyffe, George and I met at the Westmoreland rail bed to roll out a chill 15. And, we did just that, rolled out a chill 15. I felt too good on the way back in and hope this continues. Running is so much fun right now, feeling good and covering ground with my girls and friends. Today would have been a great day to roll hard the last 5 miles, but we just ran together talking and relaxing.

Friday - Before the Storm

Friday was a planned day of chill. Fyffe and I were going to scape together some miles in Brattleboro and check out the high school relay meet that would be there. He coached Keene last year and I have some lionesses on BF, so we wanted to see them roll out. We planned on a huge weekend of miles with marathon prep speed so a chill 5 with Larry Legend was perfect. Saw BF run awesome, a lot of tough kids for BF with a lot if heart, which is exciting and motivating to keep staying on it.
Although, not to end with a negative, I can't stand when chumps try to scratch at the champ (me)... Kids can be idiots, before you spout, realize you're a drip, compared to me; a mother cussing tsunami wave.
Like I said, BF has some dirty tough competitors and when all are healthy, just like me, I would t want to race them...

Thursday - Lax in the Force

This was an unmotivated day... I had nothing. I called Fyffe and cuss near begged him to run, just couldn't put it together. I was very disappointed in myself for about 4 seconds when Ellie and Lena came to me. If they could talk, here's what they might of said, "get off you cuss and at least take us somewhere to do anything."
Which was a tidal wave of instant skull crushery. We piled into the truck and headed to west west to run a great trail by the pinnacle. Once I was in stride, all cares were gone, motivation was pulsing, but I was happy to be enjoying nature and being outside.
My girls are tremendous sidekicks, especially when the kick need not be in the side but in the cuss.

Wednesday - Tourniquet

School was getting crazy with the weather cooperating with the mood of the children: too nice out to do work. I felt the same way, so I planned some funner (yup, funner) lessons. It was all about survival, survive the school day, don't swear and don't lose any kids... Easy as cuss.
All my abilities are focused towards the run of what ever the day is. Today, a 15 miler was in the works. I was hoping that it would be a pain free day of running with my acupuncture I received earlier in the day.
Let's start there. I never have had acupuncture and was incredibly and extremely (get the point) optimistic about it working. I was desperate for instant gratification and was sure with the right mind set, it could happen. The dude accupuncturing my cuss was awesome. Super cool dude to tall to and explained why this was going to work and also how it was going to work.
So my tendinitis is in my right knee (which is my main cuss kicking leg when I fight) but all the needles were in my right shoulder area and right arm. Bizarre. Can you dig it? I let it be dug... Weird sensations of pain relief were delivered to my knee when the needles were turned, twisted or moved.
Docs main goal was to reduce the pain, not cure it, on the first day. He told me to hunker down to 3 months before I could expect it to be totally gone (all the while continuing anything to help relieve the pain by stretching and icing). I didn't like the sound of 3 months and he could read my facial expression of, "are you cussing with me right now? What the cuss?" He then said (and I direct quote him, not me) "if it's cured before that 3 month period... How fuckin' awesome would that be? Fuck yea, right?"
Doc had a point. Doc also threw down some great cusses the way the cuss was I tended to be cussed. No matter what, this would work (placebo) and the doc was a righteous cussing dude.
When I ready to run, I felt hesitant about what to do, do I did what any super hero would do... Do it. I went out for a 15 miler, putting all the weight and theories of Asia and China to the test with there voodoo (which I'm down with) and smoothly ran. Smooth was right, no pain, there was something there but it wasn't pain. It was more of I noticed it, but not in a painful way. Righteous.
I ran out to the Athens lookout which is a nice span of the west and the ski mountains. Awesome day, awesome run.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday - People Say I Change

Must not know me, I'm more constant than Caesar and the North Star.
Met Greg for 10 miles at the Bellows Falls High School. It was hot, and not just warm, but after a long day, it was downright uncomfortable. The day before I pistol whipped a 19 miler and needed a rest day. Greg was cool with this.
We ran a normal 10 miler of Larry Sayers and Tim Eno, and always thought of it as an easy run. No real hills, some trails and dirt roads with a very short stint on a main road. The run is a big lollipop.
Greg was positive we were going to.... One of the following:
1. Get attacked by a Rottweiler.
2. Get shot at or just get shot.
3. Possible raping an if this happened there would def be one of us to get gaped (I love Greg but I don't want it to be me).
4. Lost;
Worst case scenario is all of the above (and in order).
All of the above was never a thought when I've run this in the past, but it made me wonder... Hopefully we can say that we "gapped" the danger instead of, "I got gaped."
We did survive the hot weather conditions, and made reference to our others that ran the marathon in the morning, that our thoughts were with hem and how we did not envy their conditions. Then we joked that our conditions at the end of May could be horrifically worse! I'm over it, bring it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday - Last Hero and Only Hope

This was a day that was to be geared specifically towards the marathon. Greg had a race in RI so it was down to Fyffe and I to get with it.
The idea was simple: 19 mile loop, first 9 as a warmup then run 5:40's for the next 10. Right from the start we were locked into 6 minute pace, 17:54 at 3 miles. Fyffe locks in immediately, where it takes me a few miles to acclimate. The hill at 4 was enough to wake my body up. The next few miles are rolling hills to the 7 mile mark before a significant hill of all of mile 8. Totally natural, we climbed in 7:13, which made me feel invincible to the rest of the run. I felt too good up such a hard climb not to be oozing with confidence. We stopped at the 8 mile mark to stretch as evaluate the plan., 50:20. The idea was 5:40's for a stretch and see how we felt once we were out there. Fyffe and I have tried this many times and failed on all attempts, usually way to hot the first early miles. On this day we were perfect without even trying (to quote Fyffe). Here are how the next few miles played out; 5:41, 5:42, 5:35, 5:30; we then took a mile of ease at 5:57, then got back to where we thought we were.
Fresh out the next set, we were hot; 5:16, 5:26, 5:26... We then called the work to have been done, both of us feeling great.
Fyffe had the illusion that he wanted to run a 7 minute mile. I had to laugh and reassure him that he has no idea or concept of a 7 min mile, so he said he'd try. 6:13... Haha. This brought us within under 2 miles to go and we ha a PR time for the run going so we put the pedal back to fast and relaxed and closed out the 19 mile (18.79 on map my run) straight rolling. End time: 1:47:30. Bangin!
I got home and looked deep into the mirror. I tried hard to see beyond my mortal flesh to my immortal soul and being. I noticed many things as I journeyed through my energy fields and cellular materialism to my core being. One, GD I'm pretty, and two, I am the last hero, therefore, the only hope.

Saturday - Shine

This was the most important day of the week for me, 14 miles in a controlled manner. It was awesome the Greg and Fyffe wanted the same thing so we met on the Westmoreland rail bed for an out and back. The idea was to go out 49-50 minutes and then run back comfortable, knowing we were going to negative split. George also showed up, which is always, "the more the merrier."
We hit 5 miles in 36:12 and continued until the turn around at 49:30.
I had to drop a few Browns off at the Super Bowl and stretch before the trip home.
The return trip back to the cars was about a minute faster per mile, but all conversation continued as if nothing changed in the pace. Fun stuff.

Friday - shimmy yaw shimmy ya

Pisgah day at Greg's house with Fyffe. He goal was a controlled 14, and ease into the weekend where there was a plan brewing in my dome which I'll get to later.
It was a normal run, standard 14 just we ran it in the opposite direction, Doolittle lollipop. I enjoyed the change in direction and felt better the longer we were on our feet. My goal is to try and continue to average 14+ miles per day. The weekend would need to be righteous.

Thursday - Beyond the Simplicity

Had me a few rest days which felt great. Have been on it and doing my thing. The souls of the righteous are immortal and divine, so I'm aiming for simple: immortal and divine.
I rode my bike to school, 7 miles, and obviously had to ride home. The ride home sucked, wasn't into it and I j rw Greg was coming out for 12-14, and was hoping he'd catch up to me and pick me up the rest of the way. Didn't happen so I rode home too, ain't no thang (or so I thought).
It was a minor thing, bc when Greg got there we preceded to roll out the standard 90+ minute run known as the sap lines, we rolled at an honest pace. It's neat that my bfff's (best cussing friends forever) are in equal shape and we can straight cover ground. This was that day. We didn't push, but just ran. 13 was a great day and the weather was purely ideal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday - Laughter of Satan

Sunday's weather blew! After being Mike Tyson (me) vs. Peter McNeeley (workout) on Saturday, I teamed up with Fyffe for a Sunday 18-20, or so we both thought. We had to meet bc Fyffe had some going ons for Easter. We met at the Keene high track and were going to run out an back on the rail bed. Once we got going I could tell I was more like Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas, could have conquered the day, but just wasn't into it and succumbed. I'm blaming the weather, it was the fourth day in a row of windy cold cuss.
Fyffe was def under the weather and we opted to cut the run in half. This suited me just fine, I would just double and get the miles. I was sitting at 80 before the day started, and was content to listen to my body, my buddy and clock out the week with 95.
Knee killed, and it convinced me to move up my rest days to Monday an Tuesday of the coming week. I've had 4 great weeks in a row, the 4th week included 3 solid, if not great, workouts and it would do my body and mind some good.
Later Sunday evening I ventured out the door with the girls and parked at an abandoned apple orchard, that has a perimeter snow mobile trail that goes around and through, to add my second run of the day. Netting 14 for the day and 95 for the week.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday - Children of Men

I was more anxious and concerned that I was going to get my taint dragged for today's workout, which isn't a comfortable feeling to think about. Due to my concerns and Fyffe's feeling of under the weather, we opted for 15-16 miles with 2 x 3 mile at goal pace, which was to start at 5:40 and not exceed 5:30. The workout was to be on the Clarence DeMar course and Fyffe had all the miles pegged and had done the workout two weeks earlier with Greg and wanted feedback. This was all cool with me.
The whole run out to the start of our workout, I was truly concerned about getting dragged and not being in control. Fyffe said he wasn't feeling well and it was evident once we started to first set.
The first mile of the first set climb at half mile and continues almost to the first mile mark. The idea of stating under control was important and sensed that I was going to feel better than I thought. First mile: 5:35, withy he hill was perfect. Fyffe had a great point, he wanted to hit the times no matter the terrain. Second mile meanders downhill a bit an levels off before climbing the last 200m. Second mile: 5:25, not bad, significant downhill yet still in complete control. The third mile is a pancake, as far as flat. We continued the same effort, the stride felt good and I was feeling looser than minutes earlier, which was encouraging. Third mile: 5:27, perfect, 16:22for three miles. Right as we finished Fyffe told me he was done. He knows his body and the combination of his health and the enormous breakfast he ate was not mixing. He is great about saving it for another day and regulating when he doesn't feel well. It was unfortunate bc I was feeling borderline great. This spent happen too often, so I was encouraged to finish the workout. I mentally prep'd myself: control, fast and relaxed.
I ran a 7:08 mile in between my sets and started the second set on a very flat mile. I felt in control but couldn't tell if I was too fast or too slow, so I said cuss it and ran comfortably. First mile: 5:10, dang; really felt in control and great. Fyffe went back and got his car and met me right after the Iraq mile of the second set. The second mile weaves through a neighborhood a d has a slight hill, my main goal was to chill and settle in to reality and did just this. Second mile: 5:28, and felt great. Stride was solid, knee was nonexistent and I was doing my thing. Fyffe was driving next to me letting me know where he final mile ended. Main goal, control and no need to be a hero, just hold this effort, it's fast and relaxed and I'm chilling. Fyffe confirmed that I was smooth and had updates of how far out I was. I didn't want to see anything slower than 5:30, but what will be, will be. If the times is what it is and I'm in control and comfortable, so be it. Third mile: 5:10... 'nough said.

Friday - Cuss

Friday's plan was righteous: roll 18 miles out and back on the Grafton power lines, chill and log some miles. This plan dramatically changed with the addition of a workout by Fyffe to Saturday.
Fyffe joined me for some power lines and the discussion of what the workout should be commenced. He's talking all this 5:40's jargon which is tough to believe. Fyffe believes it, but I know him way better than he knows himself, and all runners like him (as I typed this, I smirked with pure malicious evil). But in all seriousness, this seemed pedestrian for Fyffe and thought I possibly could get my brains cussed out of my head on the run.
The run will be a marathon tempo run, 18-20 miles with the last 5 in 5:30-5:40 pace. This didn't scare me at all, but what concerned me was the god cuss 15 miles before. Fyffe reassured me about the logistics and he had me at blood and seamen, let's roll.
Meanwhile, as we are still on the "out" part of the power lines I don't realize just how windy it is. I did realize that we were rolling, and both of us decided to chill, run 10 and save a bit to crush skulls (or get skull crushed) tomorrow. The 5 miles back to the car was into 400-600 mph winds and was tough. We had to scream at each other just to talk, and most of the conversation was:
Fyffe: "I'm cussing freezing!"
Me: "what? I can't hear a cussing this, it's too windy! What did you say?"
Fyffe: "I'm cussing freezing!"
Me: "what? I can't hear a cussing this, it's too windy! What did you say?"
Fyffe: "I'm cussing freezing!"
Me: "what? I can't hear a cussing this, it's too windy! What did you say?"
Fyffe: "I'm cussing freezing!"
Me: "what? I can't hear a cussing this, it's too windy! What did you say?"
Fyffe: "I'm cussing freezing!"
Me: "what? I can't hear a cussing this, it's too windy! What did you say?"
You get it.

Thursday - Check the Rhime

Now here's a funky introduction of how nice I am
Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram
I'm like an energizer 'cause, you see, I last long
My crew is never ever wack because we stand strong...
- Fyffe
Today was a Tribe day and had to get with Fyffe for a run. We met up in West West and I had a new run planned. This can go two ways: awesome run, or awesome run (just wicked cussing far/hard). It was the first, just a wicked awesome run. We weaved the trails towards Putney Mtn looped up to the top, where you get a 200* view. To the west are all the VT ski mountains and to the east is Monadnock. The run was rather conversational and I felt recovered before the end of the school day, so I wasn't worried if we needed I blow doors down. I was happy that it was a chill run, logging 12 miles after 16 the day before. Like Boj at Tetris, pieces are falling into place.

Wednesday - Brief stint in reality

Wednesday is workout days for most of the area runners and they meet up for independent or group workouts on the local tracks in the vicinity of Keene. I don't get to make it to too many so today was a treat that I would be in attendance. I hustled my sweet cuss down to Keene after school with the intention of banging out 10 for the warmup then hit some marathon paced times on the track. I was hoping I get someone to join me for the first ten miles but was too hard for dudes on short notice. So I rolled out solo. Ran for 9:40min pain free (which may strike fear) and had a great warmup.
Met Greg to do some marathon prep work of sorts and the original idea was 2 x 3mile at 5:20 pace (or close to it). Fyffe was a part of this original idea, but due to the fact that Fyffe is the Man at work, he had some thins to do and couldn't make it. So it was down to just Greg and I. There were many other people there: George, James, Mark, Chuck and Mr. Fyffe (Fyffe's dad). I didn't hear any good ideas for workouts that would benefit me, so I stuck to the plan. Greg may have heard some ideas, but I'm pretty sure they sucked in his eyes and I was gracious to roll with him.
He weather blew, a lot, of wind and there were times there was precipitation of solid and liquid, cuss this! We got through a few laps of the first 3mile an I wasn't feeling it (hence, I had a brief stint in reality) and opted for a 2mile. Greg, also concurred, making the decision a perfect one. The first mile of the set was a 5:20 on the dot, that's with and opening 83-84 second quarter, followed by 5:15 for the second mile: 2mile: 10:36. Didn't like that I didn't feel great, but was over it faster then I could have remembered. The workout modified to a mile and 4 x 200. Mile went well, chilling to 5:10 and all the 2's were strides out in 34-35's. Didn't like this workout or how I felt but, cuss it.

Tuesday - Feral

The plan from the day before was shot to hell, but was awesome for the confidence (like I need any), and had an appointment with Pisgah for Tuesday at Greg's with Fyffe. It was a great surprise to see that George came out too. I knew the pace would be regulated (haha, wink wink), and was looking forward to covering an honest 14 miles. Greg has a great loop, Doolittle, and has become a go-to 14 miler. It doesn't have any huge climbs and the trails, with footing is runnable and great for yapping away about whatever the convo happens to be that day. This day was all about schools and school boards and very adult (not adult like when I was in Amsterdam with red lights and XXX). There was some venting on my part bc our teachers union was syllables away from going on strike. At first hearing about it, it sounds awesome: no school, sweet; I can run and hang out/relax, sweet; and I can watch HP and do whatever the cuss I want! Wicked sweet! But oh no, it doesn't roll like that, so if we were to go on strike, the teachers would have to how up at school at normal hours, suck; hang outside in not warm weather, suck; and has to make up all the time missed while having the community possibly dirty looking you the whole time, cuss that, it sucks.
So, I was over the whole deal. I vented my balls off, restated that I teach for kids, and anyone who wants to pinch a penny an sacrifice education of children can latch on with their mouth to a donkeys VD ridden anus.
Long story short, we didn't go on strike and possibly settled (all above is still true to any haters).
Great run, felt awesome (knee still an issue, but then again, I'm Ferenc, so it really aint a thang).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday - Perfection is Perfected

It was nothing but a G thang today. It started as a scheduled day off, but the universe called and cuss had to get done. The cuss that got done was some miles on a great road in Grafton, VT. Picked out an extremely flat section of road to roll on and to get the work in necessary I ran a mile (which are marked) then turned around and ran a minute out and back then started the next interval. All in all it was a ten miler.
Like the title implies, perfection was perfected, and the goal was simple: 5:40-5:30 pace for the miles. This was my first workout since totally committing to VCM. The tendinitis is doing a great job at distracting me, but let's be serious, perfection is perfected so I'm a let them understand; and what I understand is that I can block out this annoyance (which does happen to feel like a nail being driven into my patella) and block it out well. It's excited to think that if I get locked in a room with a whole bunch of anyone's and someone hits the lights, and only one dude can walk out... That dude is going to be me, no doubts. If you doubt, set a time and place. Back to the running... The workout was supposed to emulate what the marathon pace may be like and like I stated before, I have no clue what to do, but ran a marathon pace workout. So, the first mile I opened up with a 5:01... Hmmm, didn't realize I was a sub 2:12 marathoner. I like the idea of this. Naturally, I have the idea to ease it back, but it felt so easy, and run the workout the way I intended, 5:30-5:40 pace... Second mile, 5:01! Ain't no thang!!! Too easy, too normal. Third mile was on a stretch of road that is picturesque VT and I became lost in wonder of things and just ran as comfortable as I could, 4:52... Kanye coined me best, "I'm a mother cussing monster!" Ok, ok, I'm really confident in me and I believe in me... I felt like a one man 300, ready for anything, but still had a mile to go. Last mile a bit of reality set in and the head wind was annoying and had to focus for the first time during the day. Last mile was ok, 5:08 but felt great, every mile felt great and turning it over was awesome. Excited about the prospects of another 100+ mile week. Bring it, so it can be brought!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday - ending it right

The week was a great third week in my marathon building, which I have no idea what to do, and needed 17 to snag 100 for the week. The easiest way to get the 100 is to call Greg and Fyffe and plan a Sunday long run. The plan was to run a 19-20 miler through Putney, which will put me over 100 miles, pending survival. Greg and Fyffe raced the day before, I may be he best at dodging comp, but once I'm in the shape I feel adequate, then it's race time, and the plan was a recovery long run (which means we will run faster than anyone wants, except Fyffe, haha) Fyffe is on his way to being in a different league and is racing not in fine tuned shape yet. He's in shape to run anything, but once he gone tunes, it's codes time (which means you better now cheat codes to beat him). As always, the three of us rolled out the full run without any issues, like it weren't no thang!
The knee acted up, but like any amazing athlete, I blocked out the severe pain and ignored it. I'm an evolutionary specimen, without doubt. The run, as always, was honest, hilly and awesome. Once this tendinitis is gone, along with the fracture in my radius, a lot of mothercussers are in some mothercussing trouble!
But in all honesty, it's all true. You may be cussed! 102 miles for the week.

Saturday - waited all week for today.

Saturday is great. Had a plan to go hiking in the whites with the females and planned a run with Tim Eno and his HS runner Jamie Moore. Eno is a great dude, friend and mentor and it's always a pleasure to run with him (even though he reminds me milely about how fast he ran when he was my age). The plan was to meet at Moore's house and run ten through an abandoned apple orchard (owned by Eisner of Walt Disney, for real). I live two miles from the start so I ran to the house and planned a run home to get 14. The run was great, Moore looked awesome the day after a stellar workout and the stories from Eno are priceless as encouraging. This day set up a great rest of the day in the mountains with the girls and human female.

Friday - adventures with my shadow

Yea, today was a solo run with the girls. I wanted to check out a run from the Pinnacle in West West to Putney Mtn and back. On the map is said it was just over 12.5 then I figured I'd add a loop and make it 14-15. Glad it was a solo day, I was death marching at times and flying at others, with no reason for either. It was mostly moderate honest rolling hills until two miles from Putney Mtn. I took a new trail and descended, for a long long gradual time. In retro spec, it brought me to the bottom of the backside of the mountain, which meant the last mile to half way was straight up and very difficult. But, like always, weren't no thang! Putney Mtn isn't particularly high elevation wise, but you get almost a 360* view. From Monadnock to Sunapee, and all the ski mountains of Vermont.
Once again, glad to be by myself,was able to chill and run easy on the way back, total running time 1:55, def called it 15.

Thursday - Pisgah

Made the trip to Pisgah to run with Greg ad hopefully have his awesomely wonderful lady partner examine the knee.
After Greg ranted about his high mileage and how he felt like cuss (later to roll like we were running a two mile run), he reassured me that we were running 14, which I wanted and needed if I was to get 100+ miles for the week. Greg did and does have a great point, when he cuts his miles he runs fast as hell and feels great or all his runs, but when he bumps them up... Long story, my man is going to kill VCM, no doubts!
We ran the Doolittle Lollipop which is mostly flat with slight rolls and great or recovery day longer runs. It's awesome, the more miles I'm logging the better I'm feeling. I believe we ran a few minutes faster than last time on less an effort. Puzzle pieces are fitting together with the crew.

Wednesday - Workout in Keene, or so I thought.

Today was planned on being a great day, easy day at school, Wednesday workout, dinner with the dudes and an early night. But wait, bull cuss ensues and all plans are cussed hard. There is a staff meeting after school, cuss, followed by a union meeting, double cuss! My Wednesday workout plan is shot and I'm wondering if I'll jar any day light to squeeze in anything. Cuss cuss. Staff meeting got over early enough so I could still have made the workout, but the union meeting... Cussing cluster cuss of cussing enormous cussing sizes.
Everyone wanted to be Che Guevara, which they did a pod job at, and say what was on their minds. I agreed with the majority of what was said, but I also agreed with it prior to the meeting and we were supposed to be there to vote a simple, yes or no. But no, we need to hear every rally cry, which I stress, I do agree with, but wanted to get the cuss out of there and get my fitness on. By the time I did get out of there I was strapped for daylight. I hauled it together and ran out to the workout hill, fast, then ran the hill like I owned it, fast (2:19), then ran home, fast.
The great part was all pisstivity was gone and I was completely relaxed with my thoughts, which were of how enormous outer space really is. Mind blowing. 10 in the books.

Tuesday - Natural Selection

Natural selection is awesome, only the strong survive... But when you run by yourself, you have to survive the watch or the distance.
Another in-service day, 3 miles at lunch.
Headed out my normal trail head behind my house to the "workout" hill. It is a hill that is about 200-250 meters long and extremely steep. It's about 4 miles away so you get a great (hilly as a cuss) warmup. The idea was I do 3-4 hills with above average effort. Ideally I wanted to run the first one, then run 5-10 seconds faster each hill following. I did just this, 2:40, 2:44, 2:37... Then thought that 5 sounds way better than 3, and then I started thinking about my New England mountain crown that I haven't worn in a few years, and I'm pretty sure (and likely) to get it back. So I added two more hills to my workout of 2:37, 2:30. This does not guarantee my crown, but let's be honest, it strikes fear of inevitability. He times really mean nothing, but the effort was 80% and I left knowing I could have crushed a few more (literally, a few). Another 15, and feeling better than last week.

Monday - Havent Even Started

Case of the Monday's? Naw man, people get there cuss kicked for saying things like that!
That's how this day and week started, with the realization of the real world and how it really impacts my training.
After surviving the school day, which was meetings all day for an in-service (give me the kids any day over meetings), I had some work to do. Greg gave me a great quote from someone who knows their cuss about running, "every run should serve a purpose," and today's runs did just that. The only positive things about the in-service day was that I had an hour lunch break. I ducked out and squeezed in a mid afternoon 5 on the Bellows Falls High School trails. This was perfect and loosened up my tendinitis for my afternoon run. Got a great stretch in during the meeting when I got back, and felt good about the school day.
Fyffe and I planned on meeting in West West to run some trails and chill. During the day I talked Greg (more just asked him to run) into joining us to make three. Greg and Fyffe ran a great workout Saturday, then a long one with George at his house, so they were gnarly to join me on the trails after a Monday.
It was obvious to me early that I felt better than expected, and it was confirmed when I ran the hill well, as notes by Fyffe and Greg. I will say, the only reason the effort was the way it was bc every time I looked back Fyffe was right behind, making me feel like I was running too slow, haha. Cuss happens and it felt good to know that I felt good. We rolled the tricky terrain well with average to above average effort. Monday started the week well, 15 in the books.