Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday - Your Huckleberry

Wednesday workout day. I had big plans for the day but they didn't come together like I wanted. I wanted to double but the possibility of racing this sunday, a 5k 10k double on the roads in Groton MA, had my head reeling. I ended up bypassing the morning run, opting to focus on having another good workout.
Since the addition of the workouts I have cut back the miles. Not intentionally, I've just been rolling and feeling good/great on all workouts lately, that my quality days are a few less miles than I figured. Cuss is good.
I had intentions of doing whatever workout Fyffe was going to do in my head and that was all the thought I put into it. So when I found out that Fyffe couldn't make the workout (he is singlehandedly building a 5 axis flux capacitor to be installed into a time machine made from a modified DeLorean; Fyffe is also reconfiguring the vehicle's time displacement to be powered by plutonium, which supplies 1.21 gigawatts of energy to the device called the flux capacitor. Fyffe has explained that the car needs to travel to a programmed date upon reaching 88 miles per hour, using a date, pre-project, so he can travel back through time and not miss any training days. Before Fyffe can make this trip, Greg and I must be true training partners and vanquish the Libyan terrorists from whom Fyffe has stolen the plutonium, and do so before they shoot him. If I had to speculate I would say that Fyffe will attempt to escape in the DeLorean (if the Libyans find us) and he will inadvertently activate the time machine. Fyffe will be transported back through time, and find himself without the plutonium needed for the return trip. But he'll cross that bridge when he gets to it).
So my workout plan was out the window. Mark Miller and Greg settled the matter at mile, 2 x 800, and 4 x 400. George also said he was in and I didn't want to miss the party so I was game.
We started with a pair of 200's in 35 seconds to shake it out. Miller didn't feel great and wanted to grind the feelings out. Greg and Miller got the mile going and continued a good clip. I did 3 x mile on Monday and wanted to chill and run comfy today. My goal was 5:10, you want to know what they ran go read their cussing blog. Goals are great, especially when you pistol whip the times while trying to run the time. I floated through the mile in 4:58, negative splitting every lap and feeling good. The goal was the same for all sets, fast and relaxed to feel good with a stride straight rolling. The 8's weren't no thang either, was hoping to run 2:30, ended up chilling to 2:27 and 2:23... Common theme lately, feeling good. The 400's were just there to stride out and hold form and feel turnover, 75, 73, 72, 66.
I then wanted to take ownership of my marathon pace of 5:30's-5:40's, so I dropped a mile on the track with that as my goal pace. It just wasn't to be. I was too comfortable as a 2:10 marathoner. 5:17... Felt too easy, like a 6 min mile. It is true, it does feel good to be a gangster.
Greg said he was working, but I couldn't tell, he looked like he was a villain (straight chillin').
This workout, hopefully, will be good signs for a 10k this weekend. I know there will be great competition, Pat Moulton will be in attendance and he's always a fav to win, and I just got to run what I can run.
14 for the day, on my way to 100 for the week.
On a side note: I'm the course record holder... No big deal.

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