Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tuesday - Feral

The plan from the day before was shot to hell, but was awesome for the confidence (like I need any), and had an appointment with Pisgah for Tuesday at Greg's with Fyffe. It was a great surprise to see that George came out too. I knew the pace would be regulated (haha, wink wink), and was looking forward to covering an honest 14 miles. Greg has a great loop, Doolittle, and has become a go-to 14 miler. It doesn't have any huge climbs and the trails, with footing is runnable and great for yapping away about whatever the convo happens to be that day. This day was all about schools and school boards and very adult (not adult like when I was in Amsterdam with red lights and XXX). There was some venting on my part bc our teachers union was syllables away from going on strike. At first hearing about it, it sounds awesome: no school, sweet; I can run and hang out/relax, sweet; and I can watch HP and do whatever the cuss I want! Wicked sweet! But oh no, it doesn't roll like that, so if we were to go on strike, the teachers would have to how up at school at normal hours, suck; hang outside in not warm weather, suck; and has to make up all the time missed while having the community possibly dirty looking you the whole time, cuss that, it sucks.
So, I was over the whole deal. I vented my balls off, restated that I teach for kids, and anyone who wants to pinch a penny an sacrifice education of children can latch on with their mouth to a donkeys VD ridden anus.
Long story short, we didn't go on strike and possibly settled (all above is still true to any haters).
Great run, felt awesome (knee still an issue, but then again, I'm Ferenc, so it really aint a thang).

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