Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thursday - Beyond the Simplicity

Had me a few rest days which felt great. Have been on it and doing my thing. The souls of the righteous are immortal and divine, so I'm aiming for simple: immortal and divine.
I rode my bike to school, 7 miles, and obviously had to ride home. The ride home sucked, wasn't into it and I j rw Greg was coming out for 12-14, and was hoping he'd catch up to me and pick me up the rest of the way. Didn't happen so I rode home too, ain't no thang (or so I thought).
It was a minor thing, bc when Greg got there we preceded to roll out the standard 90+ minute run known as the sap lines, we rolled at an honest pace. It's neat that my bfff's (best cussing friends forever) are in equal shape and we can straight cover ground. This was that day. We didn't push, but just ran. 13 was a great day and the weather was purely ideal.

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