Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Defy The Odds

Well... They are slight odds. I recently saw my doctor, who specializes in tick-born diseases, and I am making a "miracle" recovery. What she meant by that was the timing. I'm recovering faster than she anticipated (she obviously doesn't really know who she's dealing with, even though I eluded to my super hero self). she felt there was no way I'd be able to run, let alone 10 miles. So that was cool, defy some odds. This doc is the real deal and once we discussed recovery, patience and current state of fitness, I mean, health; she was very encouraging to keep at it. It was unnerving to hear that I'll be on heavy antibiotics for the next 90 days. That blows, and not sorority way!
I'm over it.
Saturday was a gem of a day. I felt disconnected from my bro's and it is great to get back out on the trails and log some kilos. Boj came out and was anticipating only running, at most, 7. That weren't gonna happen, I told him we were trying for 10 which made both our days. We drove to Ledge Rd for a very cool loop, what I call the Lost Trail. It is the middle 8-10 part of my 17 miler on the Dome Trails.
Just being outside was amazing. We had to walk a short slippery piece and I could have walked the rest of the way, I was so happy to be out and moving around. I felt like could have run 2 hours.
The run was awesome. We yapped about tattoos, chicks, and a cuss load of who-the-hell-knows and it was great. when we got back to the house we went south of the border and crushed some VT style burrito/fajita things. F N A!!! Rocked a slight headache, but it was worth every step and breath outside.
Sunday was a day of rest and chill.
Monday was my day of birth, so cuss had to get done fun. Greg hustled out for as much running we could get in with daylight available. That was 10 miles and it was cussing great. We lit up the headlamps on the way down the switchbacks and rolled it in easy the last mile. Slight headache, but worth every bit to be outside running. I was grateful for all experiences and glad I'm not going through this last one alone. My bro's have been encouraging and right there the whole time like family. Cussing awesome.
Greg is carrying the competitive torch for our group of outlaws right now and rocking it too! He's also the type of guy you want on your side. I'm convinced that if I had to fight a 1000 people, Greg would toe the line next to me. (this is completely hypothetical, but here is something factual: we always will win).
Greg and I then Voltron'd with Larry, Najem, Boj (who was the first one to the pub) The Gremlin and Emily to the local pub for Monday night wings. Great way I celebrate the birthday, with friends who are like family.
Tuesday was a day of rest bc of the doctors appointment.
Wednesday was CUSSIN awesome. Better than a Sasquatch sighting, I ran with Fyffe! About GD time... We met up at the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Trails in West West. We only had time to haul for 5 but it was great. I caught Fyffe up on the dress code of our school (I am adopting bow ties as "my thing" to grow old with as a teacher) and some other details.
This week is going great. I'm super motivated and ready to hunt! And let me tell you, THIS DOG CAN HUNT! I got me a fight in me and when I catch a scent, I'll hunt all cussing night! Just like Marty Huggins 012!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


So it was brought to my attention that there is some speculation that the Salazar camp is dirty. This is disappointing. (if dirty) It would disappoint me to not be able to cage fight one, or all (at the same time) of those less then prepubescent boys. But seriously, I'd love to fight them all at the same time, and throw in the Brit, Mo, for a full fledge international "friendly." That's only if they're dirty.
If clean... (Rupp still looks like a little boy) its disappointing to know how much faster they are SMH.
Today's run was a borage of "Ferenc vs The Dirty Camp" fight scenarios like I was in the levels of the video game Streetfighter. It made my 4 miles go by quicker then the short time I was out there anyways. It must have been all this thinking that brought the headache on, or the weeks body of work, but it does feel great to be outside.
In wildness is the preservation of the world (thanks Thoreau).