Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thursday - Pisgah

Made the trip to Pisgah to run with Greg ad hopefully have his awesomely wonderful lady partner examine the knee.
After Greg ranted about his high mileage and how he felt like cuss (later to roll like we were running a two mile run), he reassured me that we were running 14, which I wanted and needed if I was to get 100+ miles for the week. Greg did and does have a great point, when he cuts his miles he runs fast as hell and feels great or all his runs, but when he bumps them up... Long story, my man is going to kill VCM, no doubts!
We ran the Doolittle Lollipop which is mostly flat with slight rolls and great or recovery day longer runs. It's awesome, the more miles I'm logging the better I'm feeling. I believe we ran a few minutes faster than last time on less an effort. Puzzle pieces are fitting together with the crew.

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