Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday - 50 Cents Away From A Quarter

Today was initially intended to be an intense but controlled tempo run of 18, but after Fyffe, Greg and I helped a moving to a new house, we reconsidered to a long run at George's. The original goal was 3 hours on the trails to get time on our feet. I'm thoroughly pleased how my training is going, and I'm not worried about the marathon, I know I'll be as ready as I can be given the window of time I had to train. So, a 3 hour run could fit the bill.
I was more sleepy tired than anything, the legs had some gitty-up today, again. The trails at George's are unreal when it comes to maintenance. Very easy pace that was not taxing. Hard to get into a rhythem (as was said) but a great recovery distance day, also known as LSD (long slow distance).
Now, I don't know too many runner quotes, but I do know this one Coe quote: "long slow distance makes long slow distance runners." There is some truth to that, but today it fit the bill for all attendants. The weather held off and the run was super.

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