Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wednesday - Tourniquet

School was getting crazy with the weather cooperating with the mood of the children: too nice out to do work. I felt the same way, so I planned some funner (yup, funner) lessons. It was all about survival, survive the school day, don't swear and don't lose any kids... Easy as cuss.
All my abilities are focused towards the run of what ever the day is. Today, a 15 miler was in the works. I was hoping that it would be a pain free day of running with my acupuncture I received earlier in the day.
Let's start there. I never have had acupuncture and was incredibly and extremely (get the point) optimistic about it working. I was desperate for instant gratification and was sure with the right mind set, it could happen. The dude accupuncturing my cuss was awesome. Super cool dude to tall to and explained why this was going to work and also how it was going to work.
So my tendinitis is in my right knee (which is my main cuss kicking leg when I fight) but all the needles were in my right shoulder area and right arm. Bizarre. Can you dig it? I let it be dug... Weird sensations of pain relief were delivered to my knee when the needles were turned, twisted or moved.
Docs main goal was to reduce the pain, not cure it, on the first day. He told me to hunker down to 3 months before I could expect it to be totally gone (all the while continuing anything to help relieve the pain by stretching and icing). I didn't like the sound of 3 months and he could read my facial expression of, "are you cussing with me right now? What the cuss?" He then said (and I direct quote him, not me) "if it's cured before that 3 month period... How fuckin' awesome would that be? Fuck yea, right?"
Doc had a point. Doc also threw down some great cusses the way the cuss was I tended to be cussed. No matter what, this would work (placebo) and the doc was a righteous cussing dude.
When I ready to run, I felt hesitant about what to do, do I did what any super hero would do... Do it. I went out for a 15 miler, putting all the weight and theories of Asia and China to the test with there voodoo (which I'm down with) and smoothly ran. Smooth was right, no pain, there was something there but it wasn't pain. It was more of I noticed it, but not in a painful way. Righteous.
I ran out to the Athens lookout which is a nice span of the west and the ski mountains. Awesome day, awesome run.

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