Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Lead In - Wrap Up Prep for VCM

I've been lost in business trying to get ready for who the hell knows what of a marathon. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have been lost. But Sunday was a big day for great things.
Fyffe and I planned to run the a part of the Grafton course. I am renaming this road, Marathon Road, bc it is the best road running loop to train for a marathon around. Every other stud runner has a marathon road, why not me?
We parked in the village and ran out to the 5 mile mark in 6:10-6:20 pace. This stretch of road is awesome and scenic. The work to be done is 3 miles on at or just below marathon pace. Naturally, Fyffe is involved so we are going to run well below the expectation. The first mile was relaxed, but like I said, hot: 5:05. We weren't worried, this pace for 3 miles doesn't scare... We did decide to chill just a bit, but stay honest the second mile: 5:13. Knowing there was a mile to go worth of effort we held our pace. Once the finish was visible we opened the stride and closed in 4:58 with minimal effort. felt awesome an the last workout is in the bag before the VCM.

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