Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thursday - Clock Tower

Today was an unbelievably stressful day at the institution. I'm for real, if I didn't have running I would have enjoyed the idea of climbing a clock tower and wasting some mother cussers. but, I do have running, yet this run started all too stressful. For starters, Ellie fell behind within the first 2 minutes. I parked at the rail bed looking to run a loop that has the first 5 on the rail bed then loops up in the woods for a 6 mile jug handle.
Ellie finally became disinterested in running 400 meters behind and started to keep up. Just as this happened and I'm dog voicing, "oh my pretty babies is so good, good girl. Elliebabes wants to run with her daddy now..." (said in typical dog lover voices), Lena is scene rolling like an alligator in some black mud puddle. One, gross; two, cute; three... There is a black plastic bag in this puddle? Yea, some shlong choking bag of cuss put a dead skunk in a black trash bag and threw it on the side of the trail. And yes, the bag obviously has to have a hole in it big enough to fit Ron Jeremy and his favorite football team's cusses, and yes, Lena is rolling in the heinous concoction of mud, mud water, Noah's Arc's fecal matter and a mother cussing dead skunk... That sucked.
After that, the run went awesome... Ran an old trail loop from when I lived in the W and was able to relax (only bc I did finally get to Lena, many miles later, and she didn't smell as bad as I thought).
Was able to call it a solid 11, just shy of 12...

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