Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday - Biding

Monday was going to be stressful or at least hectic. I had a track meet in Keene and wasn't going to get home until late, had to run and eat. I had planned out to hit the hay early an wake up at 5:10 to acclimate my body to waking up before the marathon. I like the idea of having my body awake and fueled before a race.
Little did I plan on was the bus driver. He left his keys in his wife's car whine she brought him his dinner while at the meet, then drove the keys to Athens VT (45-55min away), leaving me and my track team stranded in Keene until she got home, heard the message , and wait while she drove all the way back to Keene. Suck my big, fat, well trimmed cuss!
This didn't put me at my house until 8:15... 22 minutes of daylight left. No worries, I shook it out for a great 7 miler, salvaged my day and started to solidify my race plan.

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