Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday - Frieday

It was more like I was fried. The week was long and stressful and I was hoping for a relaxing run in Pisgah with Greg and Fyffe. It was a great run, but could not get over the way I was feeling. Every once in a while the gods try and humble me. It gets annoying having some outside force keep tryin to reduce me to a mere mortal human. The plan was the Doolittle lollipop and a mixture of items made it so I wanted to be done more than I wanted to be out there.
It was great though, I was going to run a 5k in the next town on a very flat course (out and back) then head to Huntington VT for a mountain race. Huntington is home to the unicorn queen of the mountains Kasie Enman.
I knew Jim Johnson and Kevin Tilton would be in attendance which will make for a day. Greg used some good angles to get me to not race the 5k and hit the trails and bumps fresh. I wasn't totally on board with this idea, but figured it couldn't hurt to chill on a Saturday and give those two mountain goats my 100%. If you want to know about their training read their cussing blogs...

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