Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday - Over the Hills

Early wake up: 5:40 to head northwest to Huntington VT for the first race of the mountain series. As stated previous, the who's who of the scene were all in attendance. There was a great field of dudes (and I bet some good fems if I paid any attention). The race plan was a very simple one: try and get after it early and get away. Kevin Tilton can climb and Jim's got "it" and that will change from race to race as he's versatile. No offense to anyone else, (and if you're offended than go cuss yourself!) but these two uses were the only ones on my radar.
The race was essentially three loops, with one climb per loop and stretches of rolling meadow field trails. My plan was to break away as early as possible and get out of site, or try to. No one seemed to like this plan, bc I didn't get very far without company. I manages to gap (not gape) the field, but on the second uphill (or ascent for all you cussing elitists) it was all thick mud, real thick and very difficult to get any traction. I felt like I was in a Looney Tunes episode running/spinning in place. I had a good gap, but by meters into the hill I could feel KT just warming up to catch me, and Jim licking his chops. I looked back and saw a lead, 10 slips later I looked back and KT was coming faster than a southern linemen to a buffet with collards, yams and fried catfish. A deep thought went through my head, "cuss..."
Kevin caught me and went right by (not even a cussing hello, haha) but the top of the hill was closer than not. There was a very runnable section at the top and I was able to get back into my stride and regain the lead. With a lot of runnable flats and gradual downhills I was able to really open up. I kept tellin myself to sprint every chance and keep rolling.
I was never sure where the polar bears were but I was fortunate to have a good day and hold on for a W... Then again, this race was at the World Mtn Running Champs house; who runs for the evilest of evil empires the BAA; and is also sponsored by the most mythical legendary beast there is, the unicorn. Did you really think mere mortal beasts such as polar bears could disrupt the flow of magical essence from the queen of the mountains herself in her kingdom? I'm thankful for Kasie's presence... (or I was very fortunate to have a good day against great runners :) The truth tastes funny to me)
The picture is for Jim, so now he can read my bull cuss and idiocy in peace with a pic.

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