Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday - All For The Ladies

Today was a day for the ladies, or really the girls. I had zero energy or motivation to move from the couch, let alone run. I figured the day was going to be a wash. The weather was annoying, I was exhausted and mentally was over it and out of it.
I did the best thing I could think of for my girls and sat on the porch while they ran around the yard. This was cute and good for a hot second before I felt like a failed parent. I wasn't doing all I could for them, and I was going against my gameplay of doing everything possible to roll out in Burlington. The remedy: new running scenery. We got in the truck and grade for Grafton. Grafton has some great energy and great places to run. I drove out to the power lines and mapped a run in my head. I was going to run the dirt road into Windham, turn right onto another dirt road which intersects the power lines and run the power lines bak to my truck. I have never been on this section of power lines but knew it was probably going to be awesome.
The whole run was awesome, it was just what I, my body and mind needed. It was about an 8 mile loop, and then I added on an addition mile to get 9. The whole run I just kept getting feelings of being refreshed. My body felt great and overall was the best decision of day.
This was a simple run, nothing epic or too wildly awesome, but may be one of the best runs of the year bc of how it went down. It erased a whole day of stress and tiredness and overall being of unmotivated. I must have looked nuts, but had a smile on my face the whole run and had inner feeling of pure happiness.
Now, it would be me if I didn't conquer some adverse thoughts on the run. Here was the thought: I'm an underdog in this marathon. There are plenty of proven runners and I haven't put too much together this season in the results. This fired me up a tad.
I began thinking, "I'm an underdog?"
Yea right, no way! I'm an underdog to everyone except me. (That just happened!)
My plans are big, my mouth is big, my balls are big and I know what's storm is brewing... Get an umbrella bc I'm about to reign!

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