Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wednesday - Helter Skelt

Wednesday was righteously hectic. School blew, I had the girls meet and not sure if I had enough adults to cover it, I had to run and eat.
Survived school. Hustled up to the track to get cuss set up for the meet. It's awesome that over the years a little tradition had started where the Keene State runners come out and help. This is huge and this year was the most important and 7 came out to help, including Najem. Thomas Paquette rounded up a posse and it was great. They also bring shoes and clothes for kids that don't have enough. Sarah Titus helped clerk the meet while the others timed and made the meet a record, for real, in length. The whole meet was over in 2 hours. There were 10 schools present. F N A.
After we go for pizza. Then Greg, Najem and I zipped out 5 miles. I felt great, considering I crushed pizza moments before. Hell yea...

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