Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Saturday - Marriage of Heaven and Hell

William Blake has a good piece of literature on this. I also feel I can relate, not to just the title of his works, but the content as well. The title is inviting to think about... As any human, real human, I'm dealing with the good and the bad of myself everyday. What to put in my unbelievably sculpted Mt Olympus temple called my body that will improve my overall well being. There are too many temptations, too many delicious naughties I loath for...
The same question is also lingering: what will be best for my training?
All this lead up and deep transcendental thoughts from the delves of the deepest recesses of my awesomeness to say that I ran a small 5k in the always beautiful Acworth NH. This was a 5k that had to be run, and I felt a bit of effort needed to be put into it. Not a lot of effort bc I had a run the next day that I wanted to Mowgli ((stare down and conquer (true Kipling Mowgli, not the animation)). But I also had to win by enough to not give any false hopes to scalpers.
The course was rolling and the first mile was a good mile to run fast, I opted for about 5:12, took a peeky-poo behind me and saw lonely road and just chilled. I will be honest, it did feel faster than the 17:04 end time would state. It rolled but not that much, so when I chilled I might have chilled a bit too much, but who gives a flying pig cuss, I got work to do tomorrow.

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