Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday - Brick Tamland Can Suck It

The weather will not abide. The universe is seriously challenging me and testing me in ways I don't like or fully understand. The days I'm unmotivated the weather blows. It's a bunch of cockchaos horse puckey. I wasn't into it today but needed to wrap my head around running 10. I'm starting a quasi-taper going into the marathon. I planned on running with Greg and Fyffe and we were going to meet in West West. I got there a bit early, then Fyffe. I asked if Greg was making the run and he wasn't. He got out of practice late. This did send a spike of emotions, and they were: dread, bc it's just me and Fyffe and Fyffe is scared to death of 7 minute pace; annoyance, bc Fyffe is allergic to 6:50 pace; pissy, bc Fyffe and 6:40 pace don't get along or play well together; FECK!, bc it's just ME with Fyffe who only feels cussing comfortable at cussing 5:11 pace... FECK x 4.7 = FyffeRunsFast...
But... On getting out of his car, Fyffe opened the back up and took out his bike...(?) What the cuss?
Fyffe has turf toe from his Sunday long run (at cussing 4:21 pace, about), and didn't want me to run on my own... Hetero love between two dudes is ok and important... I didn't want to race, I mean run, fast today and this was going to turn out to be perfect. Motivation was there and expectations of running fast were riding a bike next to me.
I ran our normal West West 10 in 62 and change gabbing the whole time about cuss and cuss in the rain and did work. Salvaging a day is alway great.

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