Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday - Pumped Up Kicks

Woke up feeling great. Usually after an up and down roller race there is some soreness but I didn't have that. I survived a day at school and a track meet for my future trackstars and had a 7 mile run planned with Najem.
We met at my house and didn't have a lot of time before a meeting with Boj and Larry Sayers at the brew pub for wings. Najem and I got out the door quick. I jabbered like a monkey in a tree about the race on the way out then about a fem I met a time in Burlington on the way back. Both stories were enjoyable to discuss with outcomes similar.
The cussbag Celtics are still in the playoffs, so Boj got there ahead of us to see the start of the game. Larry was there also by the time we rolled in, fashionably on time. I was in deep, and needed to eat. If I was a drug addict I would have overdosed a long time ago, but I'm not and I fill the void with eating. The new diet is righteous, and I'm over the limited meat, but wings... Cuss was on. I'm a disgusting human, and consumed 40 wings. What's alarming is that I truly believe I could have crushed 10-15 more without a thought. If they were in front of me I would have crushed them. I truly am a specimen...

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