Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tuesday - Exodus

Thank god for friends. Today was an unmotivated day. With the idea of having a down week, I also planned on a day of rest. God took a day, so why the cuss can't I? But, today wasn't that day and I was thankful Greg came out for a run. We decided on the Sap Lines run which is around 1:30-1:35. Great run and with all the vibrant green popping, it made for great scenery. The green is loud and awesome. The best part of the whole run comes at the end when you reach the mountain that sits directly behind my house. On the top of the mountain it looks like something out of a fairy tale. I mixture of Legend and Lord of the Rings. Trees are scattered but there is thick meadow grass... Looks awesome. Then you come down a very cool switchback trail, before linking to the main trail and a mile to go. Great way to end a day that almost hit the boos as a 0.

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