Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday - LYF

Good gracious... Great day. Weather was rocking, mind and body feeling good in the process of rocking 100+ miles in the week. Hell yea!
I strolled a morning 7 with some uber hills. I headed down the street to Acherson Hollow Rd, which is a stunning half mile of relentless up. It links over to some great trails in an abandoned apple orchard (which has miles of trails too). I am piecing together some short trails and linking them all up to what will be a sweet new run of 12-18 depending on which way you roll it. The hills are cussing hard and steep.
In the afternoon I ventured to Keene for the Wednesday workout. There were a few ideas for workouts and since I didn't give a cuss, I listened to then all. I settled myself on a 2 mile, at 5:30 pace, then some 200's. Greg and Fyffe were thinking of rolling a 10:40 and were going to try and hit 5:20 like it weren't no thing... This proved to be a thing bc they were hot through the quarter as I was 79 and they were ahead of me. I hit another 79 and felt a cuss of a lot better so I went with it. I rolled a 5:10 first mile and continues to effortlessly run and wound up at 4:59 the second mile for a 10:10. This was a good effort and felt easier than I could have hoped and also, lead me to not do anymore today and chill. I added a few miles on the track then hit the cool down. Total for the day: 17 bangers...

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