Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday - Ursa Major Veritas

Today was another double run day. With news of a marathon in the trails of the Alps only 80 days away, I'm no longer concerned with anything besides miles. I don't want to be reduced to walking due to poor preparation... But seriously, that ain't gon' happen!!! So miles it is. Greg's 1000 mile summer idea was a perfect fit and this week has been right on target.
In the morning I drove out to Grafton and hit Mollie Beattie State Forest. There is a great out an back dirt road, which is more snowmobile trail than road, and has some great rivers along it. The girls came and was a mellow shake out. I felt horrid on the way out and slow but loose on the way back. The afternoon run would be with Fyffe, Greg and Najem at Fyffe's house.
I love how the BAA is referred to as the Evil Empire, I love it (great album also!!!) and felt truly connected in a bizzaro way today. There is the Imperial Death March and then what I did on every hill today: Dying Death March. This afternoon 10 was tough, I was sluggish and just depleted of energy.
I was able to catch back up after the beginning hills but never felt comfy on the climbs. Rob Zombie said it best " I feel more human that human..." Today, that was me, but it was a great run otherwise. We hit the covert culvert after and soaked the legs in 32.9 degree water (or so it cussing feels).
Side Note: I rode my bike 10 miles to Fyffe's house and back, so on the day: 15 miles of running, 20 of biking. Summer of "fit."

ALSO::: DUDE!!! This is epic!!! Emily and I were outside at her house and there was something in the bushes. We were laying looking at the stars, and I heard noises in the woods... It's a CUSSING BEAR!!! No bull cuss... I get Emily into my truck and hit the high beams... I walk out with my flashlight and the bear is 20 feet up the hill in the backyard looking back at me. It/he/she then does a fake charge (grunts and snorts while slamming their front paws). It was exhilarating and epic and slightly terrifying. Holy cuss, that was awesome. I wasn't too scared bc "Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her..." It def sent my adrenaline through my body. Hell yea!!!

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