Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday - Mt Washington

The running and fitness is rolling right now and I wanted to take a shot and see how I would stack up against the other elites. I had some lofty, yet realistic, goals leading into W (let it be reminded, I did a marathon recently; no marathon = totally different goals): I believe(d) I have a 1% chance to be in the top 5; 25% chance to be top 10; 50% chance to run smart and; god only knows...
My other thoughts were that I wanted to run respectable, based on my fitness level, and run well on flat legs.
I wanted to get out slow and literally go for a training run and assess how I felt each mile. I also, didn't want to get past by anyone the entire race and be the dude that would be picking people off.
The conditions were perfect and the stage was set. At the gun I immediately had two thoughts pop in my head:
1. If it goes bad, drop out; followed by
2. Never think that again and roll.
The first pack was gone at the gun. I was chillin with the ladies for the first half mile before I started to settle into my effort and stride.
I felt great, the breathing was relaxed and even though my legs were flat as flat could be, I was doing it! I was passing people the whole first half and hit half way around 32:45, which was right around PR pace! Place was out the window, and the 1% chance was out too. This was relaxing, and I was able to keep picking people off. Each mile after half way, I continued to clip dudes and roll right past them. At 5 miles I caught my bro Jim Johnson and could see exciting news ahead: Justin Freeman and Nate Jenkins... I got Freeman right at 5 and was really rolling. Each mile was easy, still flat, but relaxed and moving.
I didn't have anything in the tank when it was time to get poppy and get after it, there was no pop, so... Jenkins was able to finish just ahead of me. The race is only 7.6, not 7.7...
Oh well, runners rarely say it, (I never do), but this was the best race (execution) I could have run. I had no rights running 1:06 on such flat legs, but was able to stay relaxed and roll.
It is always cool to exceed your egos expectations. Hell of a day, insane depth, great dudes (some turds) and a wicked positive experience. Glad I could come back and run well. My mindset leading in was, "the worst thing that can happen is I end up on top of Mt Washington..." Ain't too bad how it ended up.

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