Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday - And It Begins

Switzerland has completely consumed me. Every run needs to serve a purpose and I'm stoked to embrace the challenge and try some new training ideas as I build up for the World Mountain Marathon Championships.
I'm going to sound like me but... The course doesn't look that bad. It looks like a course I'll run well on, sending I run smart, and think I have a great shot to do well. My teammates will all be ready to rock, so I want to make sure that I too am ready to blow doors down.
The course is flat for a while, then gradual for a bit, then it's up a cussing Alp... No big deal (except for the Alp part, that looks unreal and a HUGE deal). But, when you're the real deal, I'll be ready.
Monday kicks off the beginning, so Greg came out this morning and we went for the standard 13+ Sap Lines run with the switchback finish. I want distance, so pace doesn't matter to me, but we ran a minute slower than normal. This is good.
The afternoon brought a hill workout, which I included photos. The hill is a about 800m and is steep in the beginning and end, perfect hill to repeat on. My goal was 3 x hill and to just run the hill. I want worried about time. I locked into a claiming gear and got up it. Needless to say, I rolled on every one... But you knew this.

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