Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thursday - Robin

Thursday started rough... Woke up like I was a feeling like a frat boy, as it was 9:45... Cussing Cuss. I got my mind around eating a breakfast and getting out the door for a shake out 5 miler then had hopes of a second run. With Switzerland keeping my mind fresh I know I need to get after it.
I drove out to Grafton (again) and knew a flat 5 would be easy. I ran hard the night before and needed some restful miles.
My girls and I were able to sty cool on the woods and had a lot of water stops to cool off in. This made my 5 miler into a solid 10. Having ten miles in the books in the heat on a rest day made me change my plans and settle for the 10 knowing that once Monday of next week comes its going to maniacal.
I sat out in the sun the rest of the day and got some great vitamin D, UV rays and the a red belly, hence... Robin.

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