Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday - The Pharcyde Of Things

Met up with Fyffe in Putney for a run. Fyffe had a great idea to park at the culvert so we could just be there an jump right in after the heated run. It was a warm one but the loop of meandering through the dirt roads of Putney were well shaded. There was also two water stops along the way to grab a quick swish (a drinkable fresh water spicier right out of the mountain's teat).
I was pulped that Greg was there in hoes of outweighing the Fyffe Factor, and our 2 v 1 could make the run easy...
We didn't have to worry much about the Fyffe factor, bc the day before, Fyffe went out on a hilly 10 and buried souls. He ran a ridiculous hilly loop in 54 minutes, which on a flat run translates out to be 29.77mph for 10 miles! He vomited a few times leaving "DNA samples" on the run. This is hilarious and awesome bc it lead to a very enjoyable day of moderate pace and kick ass aqua therapy when we finished.
I later went out and did 5 miles (2.5 of work) worth of half mile hill repeats. Total for the day was 15, and. Wing Thursday puts me at 72 for the week. 120 here I own.

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