Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday - Post Hill Climb

It was in the cards to run with Fyffe and Greg Sunday and I was stoked to get back to the tradition of Sunday runs together. I had boat loads of news and planned on taking them step by step (oooooh baby, Gonna get to you girl....)(and literally, I was going to dissect every step of the hill climb!). So we headed to Westminster West to stroll the Pinnacle trails. These trials link from my house all the way to within a couple miles of Fyffe's house. 20+ miles of trails.
We cruised an easy 12, an hit the Pinnacle on the way back to check out the view. It was a great day, especially bc I didn't use the AK, and the legs felt great. Well, great for having run the hill the day before. They were sluggish and a bit flat, but otherwise felt better than I could/would guess.

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