Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday - Silent AM

Greg was going to be heading to the in laws today and could only run in the AM. We got up to get down at the railed in Westmoreland for 10. I thought this idea was awesome, woke up earlier than the alarm and was ready to roll. That all changed once I started running at 5:29am. I felt fat, slow, out of shape and flat... Awesome. The great thing was we ran very slow, which was stellar, and we got it done. The first 5 miles were at 7:50 pace (about) but we ended 5 minutes faster for the way back in (it's an out and back). It was great to be done with the whole day ahead of me to do absolutely nothing, which I did and I did it well!
Side note: threw in the towel on some upcoming races to focus on miles and hills for Suisse. Monday embarks a new chapter of focus to the training.

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