Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday - Lightning Bugs

Today was gnarly hot. There was no avoiding the heat today, it was a gorgeous day but too hot to run. I opted to wait till the evening before I got my stride on.
To guarantee that I would run 14 miles I went with my lady out to Hamilton Falls (look it up, its awesome spit with amazing energy flowing) in Windham and got dropped off on the way back. The road goes right through Grafton and of the 14 miles 9 are on flat dirt roads with picturesque VT scenery. I had the whole road to myself and the path was lit with millions of lightning bugs... It was awesome.
The best part was when I started to bonk a bit (first 10 miles in 62:02) there is a farm that has a stand open 24 hours and they sell the following: ice cream (many flavors), drinks, farm meats, lemon and raspberry bars and other country cuss foods. I was getting a lot of colors as I flew along and rolled to a stop to grab some cals.
I grabbed a peanut butter cookie and a coke. If I'm playing with being and ultra runner, eating and running can't be no thang... Ended the run completely soaked with humidity sweat and huge feeling of success, 14 in the books on a righteously hot day.
I chilled on the couch and took a peak at this Jungfrau Mt marathon, and here is the first cussing pic that comes up, GNARLY!!!

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