Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday - Preface

Today was the start of refocusing the training, the body, the mind and all energy. Greg had an awesome idea of trying to clip 1000 miles this summer. As teachers we have the summers to reenergize and ten weeks (at 100+ miles) of runs sounds like a plan. I got a head start on Greg bc he still has school, but I took advantage of my situation and logged some solid miles today.
I met up with Larry Legend Sayers for a long 5 miles on the Vermont Academy trails. I had some great news to share and was ready and focused on "re"getting after it. In the evening, Greg and Najem came out to run a standard 13. This is one of Boj's favorite runs, and I his nude day (birthday) we celebrated by running it for him. The morning run was a nice shake out, while the afternoon run was HOT. The girls, Ellie and Lena, also joined us and had a fun time. It has been some time since they have joined the group for runs, so it was great o see them all over the trails. The neighbors pooch, Whistle, also joined. Dude is a trooper and always is ready for a good time.
We ran a decent to fast time for the loop (no FKT, but faster than normal) and it was a more "quiet" run than normal.
At 55 minutes I was tired, and didn't have a lot left to climb with. Greg and Najem seemed just fine with clicking it back and we chilled in. (when I say chill, I mean "focused" on getting the cuss done!).
Monday's is always fun bc we hit the smallest wings in the world up at the local pub. Summer of miles is starting the right way...
News Flash: I have been selected for the USA Long Distance Mountain Team, and I'm slated to race with USA on my chest in Interlaken, Switzerland at the Jungfrau Marathon this September!!! Very fortunate and very excited to be able to travel and run in the Alps again.

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  1. Is the USA Long Distance Mountain different than the other team you were selected back right after college?