Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday - Bear

Plan: Meet at George Adams' house for a run at 7am.
Greg and I met at George's house for a run... There was no distance determined until I got there. I really wanted 15 or something close and it was agreed. Now, at George's house, his trails are amazing groomed and well kept. The only problem is, I'm not so sure George knows where we are going 56% of the time. If George secretly wants to run 2 hours and we plan for 10, we are cussed. Heart of gold, but stubborn and will try at all costs to get the miles or time he needs. So when we agrees on 15, there was a slight possibility that woe could be out there for 7 hours.
The pace was great and we weaves our way all over Surry Mtn and had some good chats. There are some great climbs on soft surfaces an the legs felt good.
The whole run I could get my mind away from the basketball hoop newly set up in the driveway. It was lowered and it really looked like it needed some jungle dunks to happen. Weird, I'm a jungle dunkin fiend. So when we got bak from our 15 mile run, it was time to thunder.
Now, I'm not one to lead you astray about my athletic ability, but... I'm not just a runner, I can do it all.
It was fun to bang on the rim.
It was Greg, George, Dawson ( George's son/8th grade) and me. George looked like a Celtic Gingery Kendrick Perkins (and played like him too).
It was fun, good dunks, no injuries and great run.
Ps. Ran 6 more that night with Larry Legend and Tim Eno... Ain't no thang...

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