Monday, August 6, 2012

Wednesday - Independence

July 4th... Great day to get outside... Well, I'm already always outside so this is just another day in that realm, but its ELLIE's birthday!!! Hell yea! My babe turned 5 today we had a full day of events.
1. Run Saxtons River 5k (3.2+ miles)
2. Log some miles
3. Hangout at Greg's house
4. Catch a few fireworks before bed.
I woke up feeling ok after last nights mile, more sluggish from the miles than the wicked cussing speed... I planned on running to town, racing, cooling down, then running home.
Got to run the (adopted) hometown race. Here was the plan: run to town (2.5 miles), 2 mile warm up, race, 2 mile cool down, run home = 12 mile morning.
Plan was great, ran a decent effort with the main goal of staying relaxed and bio mechanically sound. Ended up tacking on 2 extra miles in town for a 14 mile day...

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