Monday, August 27, 2012


This will bring up to speed the week of 8/13-8/19. It is really is the same cuss different day. I probably could do it in one sentence: I rule and ran 108 miles. Sounds good. But, one of the five people that read this silly idle words may be curious how it happened, so, here it goes.
Monday - ran a DeMar Marathon course 20 miler with Greg. It ended up being 6 miles at 5:40 pace, then 2 c 5:40, then 1 x 5:40. This was a lot of road after a solid week previous.
Tuesday - I went an checked out a trail that would link up a new run. It went from behind my place but then crosse over to the Athens/Grafton trails via a snowmobile path. Ended up with 14 long miles. Tough recovery run, but who are we kidding?
Wednesday - shook out an AM 10 miler on the trails. Felt ok, but felt good on the afternoon 7 I added at VT Academy trails.
Thursday - another double day, but had an intense hill session in Grafton. The hill is Turner Hill Rd and is vicious the first 800. All together the hill is 950m with the first 800 very steep and the last 150 mild/gradual. The goal was to stay just at redline then open up the stride on the "flats," which wasn't flat at all, but try to change gears. Ran 10 miles worth of hills and felt awesome! The 7 I added later at GP was slow and felt good to clip off some miles.
Friday - workout #2... It was a 12 mile lead out into Putney Mtn. Najem joine me and paced me through, and then 2 miles before the hill we added a 2 mile in 10:30 (5:18, 5:11), then up the hill I went. The week before I ran just over 19 minutes for the hill, but today I climbed in 17:30!
Saturday - the KSC dudes joined make and I for a long 15, which I called 16, around the abandoned orchard. Great run. We went very controlled and stayed that way. Rest on the rest days was followed today.
Sunday - Fyffe made and appearance and we ran the 10 mile version of the apple orchard loop. Great to see Fyffe. At one point he told me he felt like he was racing. I reassured him that it was BC, WE WERE RUNNING 5:20 pace!!! Dude can roll.
Week total = 108
After 8 weeks I has 937 miles, avg of about 117.

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