Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday - Me Thing

The day after an epic workout is always interesting... Will I be sore? No. Will I be tired? Nope. Will I be able to run? Cuss yea!
Woke up the next morning feeling good. Had a goo stretch after last nights run which made my morning enjoyable. I hustled out to GP and covered a 7 mile loop of single track trails. Awesome morning...
Later in the evening I joined the BF high school kids for a run at the Hugh school. I ran 5 with Tim Eno and Larry Legend Sayers and then tacked 2 more miles with Eric Malnati. It was great to run with Eric. He didn't say 17 words on all runs I've done with him when he was in HS, but he ha great stories and was a great training partner. He has some awesome opportunities ahead. One great thing about Eric is that he trusts and listens to his coach, and had great insight about the "good stuff..."

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