Sunday, August 5, 2012

Post Stowe

The last few weeks are a blur of strides, hills, mountains and great times. I'm going to zip through and get caught up on the last three weeks, which were monstrous!

7/16-7/22: 113 miles for the week.
Monday - flat 10 in the morning, and out and back styled run on a dirt road in Cambridgeport with Boj on the cycle. Followed by a 9+ miler behind my house with Greg.

Tuesday - I was tired today and had to just bag 9 in Putney with Fyffe, Greg and Najem.

Wednesday - experimental run. Combined a few parts of run into one run. A very hilly 15 mile run through Saxtons River and Athens.

Thursday - parked out in Grafton and hit the Grafton Ponds trails. These are awesome single track and not very hilly. Great way to break up the week and cruise through the woods on well maintained trails. 15 miles in Grafton was so nice I went back out in the PM and snagged 7 more: 22 for the day.

Friday - 11 miles on Grafton Ponds (GP) trails. Felt a bit tired but not too bad. Planned an epic weekend.

Saturday - Keene Staters came out for a solid 15. Awesome run with rolling hills the first 12 miles before a bear of a climb. Tough climb but honestly my least hilly run.

Sunday - Greg came out and with Najem tapped a 22 on the Marathon road. Running completely chill and relaxed (I felt F-ing amazing!) we rolled 2:21 for 22 like we were out for a 5 miler!!!

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