Sunday, August 5, 2012


Let's get philosophical. I am training at a level with numbers and times I've never trained at. I've ripped down the norms and established the highest levels as my new regime. I am at a place I've never been, fitness and mile wise, and everyday is "void" running. "Void" running to me is placing yourself at a point in the universe where new things are approaching. Being in the void is exciting. I am fully aware that I am striving and striding for/towards new goals, times, results and adventures. I'm training at a place I've never been in hopes of results I've never seen. There are also hopes that all this will lead to other great opportunities I will be fortunate enough to attain.
There's a force greater than all out there and I'm about to add it to my repertoire.

Back to the CussFest: Villain Running

7/31 - 8/6: 130 miles for the week.

Monday - Jesus, Moses and all those other holy cuss', did we get some trail covered today! This run was not for the weak. Greg, Najem, Boj, and yours most handsome tackle down a ridge run from Mt Wantisquiet(?) to Pisgah ridge to Greg's house. Cuss me! Brutal. The conditions were tough and the terrain was rugged yet runnable. I felt very good the whole run which saved me. If I was off by the slightest %, it would have sucked a cuss. All that, when I could have just said, "21 hard miles."
Eager to add to the day I hustled out for 5 more in the PM where I saw 2 young bears (2yrs old) and got to within 40 feet of one. It was awesome day! I'll do the math for you: 26 miles for the day (as I typed this line I just shrugged my shoulders, indicating that it ain't no thang).

Tuesday - 10 very flat miles on the Westmoreland Railbed with Najem. Followed by a solid outing at GP for 10 more. 20 for the day (in case you ain't Rainman with your math).

Wednesday - decided on some "light work," and for out to Grafton to do 2 x 2mile on the Marathon Road with Najem. 10 miles total, with a 9:24 and 9:41 splits in the mix... Righteous!!! College days nickname is back, "certified roller!" Felt completely under control and within my comfort zone. May tackle a 2 mile time trial on the track, I might pace, but will people e able to hang on???
Almost forgot about the 10 miles I added on in the PM on the Vermont Academy trails... :)

Thursday - had to use today as a recovery day, so Greg cam over and with Najem ran a hilly 14 behind my squalor palace. Goosh, it does feel good to be a gangster.
I hadn't seen Fyffe in a few days sink planned a 5 miler with him before the Olympic trial races. Ended up adding 3 more in Putney for a total of 22.

Friday - had a late start to my fitness, but ended up running before the Olympic track races to Fyffe's house. Najem dropped me off and I told them I was going to run 10 (bc I felt tired). I ended up running quick and felt light and very very strong. 10 turned into 14 hilly trail miles on the Pinnacle trails before reaching Fyffe's house. It was also 95 degrees out and it felt it. But I was zone running and rolling. Felt good.

Saturday - Fyffe came over and ran 10 with Najem and I. I had a double run day planned but only ran this run. We ran in the abandoned apple orchard and it is the least hilly (but hilly) run I have. Great run that ended well.

Sunday - Swiss Marathon training run. My idea was to simulate, on a mini scale, of what I'll be racing in Switzerland. We, (Greg, Fyffe, Najem and I) were going to run from my house to the top of Putney Mtn and go via Athens. The lead out to the mountain is a flat 15 miles on mostly dirt road and ending with a 2.5 mile climb (on easily 10% grade) up Putney mountain. This run was awesome. I felt like a bag of mashed up cuss holes the first 5-6 miles but slowly started to feel ok, then good, then up the mountain if felt great. The best I ran was on the mountain. It wasn't a workout or anything any different. He goal was to "just run" the mountain stage and feel in control (which I did).
Ended my week with 130 miles, feel excellent and look forward to hitting the Alps. It is fun I think how precise and exact I'm training for dudes I haven't met or briefly met. I'm fortunate to have been selected for this team and want to make sure I am at the best possible fitness/race level as I can be.

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